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Thank you! ✨

Glad you liked the customisation. I'm working on changing and adding more content to chapter 1, so there will be options for body type/weight in the next update. I know that it can be a sensitive issue for many, I totally understand, but I'm hoping it can be done in a positive way. I will try, at least. You will also be able to select several options for freckles, tattoos, etc. in the next update.

Thank you for the feedback on the hallucinations, that's really insightful and helpful. I hadn't even thought of it that way, but I can definitely agree that it's a joke in poor taste all things considered. It's never my intention to be offensive, but but there will always be areas where i'm somewhat ignorant, so this is exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for. Will rewrite that for the next update. 

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback! ✨🤎

Thank you! Ugh, yeah, that's from personal experience lol. It's been rough for a lot of people, I think. Thank you for the feedback, I'll make sure I fix the grammatical error in the next update ✨🤎

Thank you so much! ✨ I thought for sure I had replied to this before, but I guess that was just in my head lol. I'll see if I can find this grammatical error and fix it for the next update. 

Very glad to hear it though, and thank you so much for the feedback on the gender choices. Will definitely rephrase that in the new update. I also think it's much better to just say "trans man" or "cis man" in hindsight. Really appreciate this kind of feedback! ✨🤎

Glad I'm not the only one who enjoys a good time travel story! Thank you! ✨🤎

Love a good time travel, yes 😍👌🏻 Thank you so much! ✨ I wanted MC to have a variety of "struggles" to chose from, and adhd is a pretty common one. I'm really happy it comes across relatable though, that's the highest compliment! 

Thank you for the feedback, and there will definitely be more options added to chapter 1 in the new update, amongst them some more hairstyles ✨🤎

Hi! ✨ I've just updated the template with a new version where the colours are controlled by variables at the top of the Stylesheet, so if you download this one you can simply change the hex codes of the variables to change all the colours throughout the theme. Hope that helps! ✨🤎

Hi there! ✨ How exciting! I think the easiest way is to simply download the file and import it into Twine as a new story, then built your story from there. The instructions are on the download page when you download the files. Let me know if you need help importing it though! 

Hi! ✨ I'm so happy you're enjoying it so far! I will definitely be including piercing options in the next update, so stay tuned for that. I had always intended on including them, I legitimately just... forgot! So they're coming. Thank you for the feedback ✨🤎

Hi there! ✨ They are working just fine for me. Perhaps you changed some of the code?

Glad you liked it! Thank you! ✨🤎

Aw, thank you so much, love! ✨🤎 You're so sweet! 

So glad you liked it! ✨ 

No worries, I'm happy to receive feedback. The reason the UI auto-stow doesn't work is because I've built the UI from the bottom with my own html elements, ID's and classnames, so the changes that the UIBar.stow() targets won't have any effect, unfortunately. I realised later on that this was may not have been such a great idea, so I might change it back to Twine's original html elements, to make it easier for everyone. 

Thank you for the feedback! ✨🤎

Thank you so much! ✨🤎 I'm so happy you liked it!

I'm glad to hear it! It's important to me too that the game doesn't feel too white-washed. I want it to feel immersive to everyone, and certainly don't want it to be offensive in any way, but I'm sure I'll make some mistakes along the way, so I'm happy to be corrected. With that being said, no, skin colour and ethnicity won't change how you're treated in this game :)

I'm sure many people struggle with the same, but all we can do is keep writing and keep improving. There's no shortcut. Thank you for the feedback, and the sweet message! ✨🤎

Hi! ✨ I'm very happy with my decision to make MC not gender locked. I honestly think I had some preconceived notions that no one but females would be interested in playing this, but I'm very happy to stand corrected! Just goes to show why we shouldn't make assumptions. I'm so glad you liked the customisation though! It's going to be so much fun to explore all the reactions. Thank you! ✨🤎

Thank you! I'm so happy you liked it ✨