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Great game, it reminds me of "enter the gungeon"

Other than slow animation, great game.

Great game, but producing Dice wouldn't have made it closer to the theme?

I tried to do the same thing but 2D. and i can easily say your game is better.

but please also export it to other platforms as well it lagged a bit probably because of HTML5

wasn't able to finish but loved the consept and art

Hi! Any comment and feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for playing!

Hi! would appreciate any comment and feedback.

Thanks for playing the game.

Do you mean how to submit?

you have to make a new project add a name, upload game, etc.

then you have to release the game and come back here and click submit and select The game fill out any information needed.

you can make sure that it's submitted by looking at the games page at the top right it should say submitted to (jam name)...

great game But sound is exactly same as "Aquaculture Land". I just hope that it wont be a problem to you because this is not fair use:) 

as I said idea is very solid, But it's quite hard. giving more speed to move in air will make it a better experience

Hey there

Great game (225:28)

But there is 2 problem that I encountered:
1.Right-Down "Development Build" one of the early levels the end thing is in wall

(I player HTML5 Version)

how glory and action and bloody i can go in my game . i can make a glory kill system seen in doom and doom eternal or i cant also i can use  my own engine ?

(1 edit)

Mouse or analog Stick is a Button ?

Edit: IF Limit become a button limit (2 bottun only like last jam) using mouse or track pad or touch pad is going to be ban?

GameMaker studio 1 and 2