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Hi, there’s audio controls in the pause menu :) but we’re working on a post-jam version that fixes the audio balancing

Thanks for playing our game! Here’s a link to the ludum page:

hey RayBones, you can upload multiple different builds of your game. For the web playable version there should be a check box for “plays in browser” and for downloads you’ll have to select the platform. Hope that helps.

sorry to hear that :( it might be an issue with the older unity versions used for some of the games or maybe your browser and webgl settings. What browser are you using?

We’ll look into this issue, thanks!

Hey TacoSnack, we used Aseprite to make the pixel art!

This is the full version of Deepest Sword as of now

Thanks! We're working on it, just needs some time to be approved!

This link works now! And wow, grats on the current world record!

No they don’t. They’ve stolen many of our games >:(

Hi yoooooooooooooooo, It's a little bit confusing, but those controls are actually referring to the angle bracket keys  or comma and period keys.

Amazing! The video doesn't seem to work for me.

There’s a mute icon on the top right of the game screen

For anyone that is running into this problem. I was able to solve it by turning off "data caching" for the Unity web build player's publishing settings.

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This is the itch game page in question:

I noticed if I'm using regular chrome, the page loads fine, but if I use an incognito window it fails.

I've noticed some of my other games also have this problem, but not all of them. There doesn't seem to be anything immediately out of place looking at the console log, though it seems like in incognito the game just doesn't initialize at all. Not even the loader appears.

If you still can't get it down after 4 hours, you may need to call for professional assistance. 

(R will bring you back to previous checkpoint!)

You got it! The web version has been updated so you can now press 0 to full reset the game! We’ll update the downloadable versions later. 

Hi robohunter, we're glad you liked our game and the dragon character :), but we're going to have to delete your post because of the inappropriate image.

Hi rustysabre, there’s a few alternative control schemes in the description if you want to try again sometime.

Thanks for flagging this! We’ll look into it.

Hi excowboy, Thanks for reaching out, this sounds interesting! You can contact us directly at

Hi Sebastian,

We are glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you so much for featuring Packets Please and making the video! We love finding new and interesting game jam games to play through your feed :D

Hi Raithias,

Thank you for playing Packets, Please!

It seems you have been boosting customers who are already using more than their allotted data (the gold, silver, bronze badges indicate what tier the customers are. Their data usage is next to their start time), and sending some responses that violate HR (“eat my butt”). Once you get 5 strikes you are fired from your position at CosmoCast. We will add more clear messaging at the beginning so you know where to find the relevant info. 

We hope you give it another shot!

Thank you!

We are thinking of having him in the game as an Easter egg :)

thanks for playing!

thanks for playing and making this video!

thanks for making this video! We’re definitely going to address some of the issues you identified!

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We plan to make it so you can take your time reading the initial emails and then press a button to start receiving customers for the day. 

However, once customers start coming we want you to balance your time handling customers and reading emails as it’s part of the difficulty :)

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Hi CyberShadow,

Thanks for trying out our game!

The goal of the game is to throttle, boost, or disconnect customers based on the company policy of the day.  Sometimes the information is in multiple emails.

You get strikes from multiple sources, for example:

  • Choosing the wrong action for a customer based on company policy
  • Not keeping up with the queue of customers you need go handle
  • Choosing responses to emails that violate HR

We plan to make this more clear in an updated version.