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Hi CyberShadow,

Thanks for trying out our game!

The goal of the game is to throttle, boost, or disconnect customers based on the company policy of the day.  Sometimes the information is in multiple emails.

You get strikes from multiple sources, for example:

  • Choosing the wrong action for a customer based on company policy
  • Not keeping up with the queue of customers you need go handle
  • Choosing responses to emails that violate HR

We plan to make this more clear in an updated version.

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Got it, thanks!

Maybe make emails modal (front & center) & pause the game while they're open?

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We plan to make it so you can take your time reading the initial emails and then press a button to start receiving customers for the day. 

However, once customers start coming we want you to balance your time handling customers and reading emails as it’s part of the difficulty :)

Like "Papers, please" then. Sounds good!