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You seem to have a gift for story telling.  I like how you added the spiders and foreground to fill the space out around the room. 

So much depth! Had fun exploring. 

I appreciate the difficulty.  It made it fun to play.  The music is almost too good.... but it might be interesting to have the concept of destroying a bad or annoying song.  Nicely done. 

A cat SHMUP? genius.  I feel like you have a welcoming market for this type of thing. 

Still cracking up about the disco ball.  You got my head bobbing and everything. Nicely done. 

Unique take on the SHMUP! I find myself going around trying to shoot all of the NPCS.. Maybe its the gray hair, but I get a Florida nursing home vibe which adds layers of metaphorical complexities beyond my comprehension.  The amount of work that went into the music paid off because now it is stuck in my head. I like the consistent theme  in your work. 

Unique mechanic that adds a lot of expansive capabilities.  Great art. 

The visuals are memorizing. I just now realized you could flip the ship over.  This in itself was a nice implementation. 

Creative  SHMUP. I struggled to find a creative SHMUP, but you nailed it. Now I just want to see a physical manifestation of the shootable apple parachute. 

Great original concept and creative use of Pico-8.  I wouldn't even know how to even begin to program something like this. 

Feed me Seymour! Great use of narrative.  I can see this developing into a bigger project. Now I was to watch the movie.

I'm glad someone made a MOSI game.  Great tunes! It really drew me in.  Do I still run out of time if I never look at my clock? 

Plant Disco! Great colors, fun concept.  This makes me excited for Pico-8

Yep.  Still impressed by the amount of programming, it hurts my head.   Creative use of puzzlescript and nice color palette. 

I agree really blown away by the core mechanic and how you built off of it.  The art really helped as well by having the meter at the bottom and the color changing as you progressed through the life of a chicken.  Bakabon!

Keep it alive. Nailed it! What a creative take.  I killed it though.  I am a terrible pet owner. Stop pooping Tamagotchi!

Again, I really like how strong the narrative was in this and how it drove the puzzle.  Im just impressed how much of a story you could tell in puzzlescript. 

Really creative mechanic and entertaining concept.  Great learning curve in increasing the difficulty.   The only thing I could see that might need adjustment is tiled floor made it hard to read at times.

Great colors! But I do not want to think about finals!  I kind of want a sandwich now.  Creative and enjoy the inclusion of personal experience. 

The angler fish at the end was  a great touch.  I appreciate the choices, it attributed to the agency.  Makes me want to see some of your other games. 

Beautiful transition from day to night.  I was really drawn in by the visuals.  Really creative narrative.   The design of the game gave great direction that made it easy to follow.  The maze transitions added some interest. 

Beautiful transition from day to night.  I was really drawn in by the visuals.  Really creative narrative.   The design of the game gave great direction that made it easy to follow.  The maze transitions added some interest. 

Nailed it.  Still love the artwork.  Everything was really easy to follow.  I enjoyed all the side missions that added up to the ultimate goal! 

Genius! So much fun!  The color changes really helped with playable and narrative.  Super fun.  Impressive use of sprites and variables.  How did you get them to follow?  Blown away by the story telling.   Now I have the chili peppers stuck in my head. 

Well better find a new job... Very entertaining. Really creative visuals and use of bitsy.  It was clean, easy to read and follow.  I don't know if this makes me want to eat an apple or the opposite... 

Slayed it. Really blown away with use of variables and choice. This added to the playability.  I can't believe you got a working inventory.  Great humor and dialogue.  Fun times. 

I marked down the experience to 4 only because I wanted to know what happens next! The Bro Mafia! Great story and way to start off.  I was impressed with the faces on your sprites. I appreciated the change in color palettes in passages. 

Visuals:  Animation was a nice touch.  I appreciated the monochromatic and use of patterns.  Very clean and easy to read and understand where to go.

Storytelling: Entertaining concept.  Is a tomato a fruit or vegetable.  A lot of great individual dialogue

I struggled a little with knowing what I was supposed to do.  I kept expecting to pick up an item.. But that was probably me just imprinting my own expectations.