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Took me totally by surprise. I've played games with a "kick" mechanic before, but never within such a responsive world with such explosive and visceral action. The ragdolling, destruction, audio design, and dynamic soundtrack are so well integrated. I'll be using this game as an example of how to do a few things incredibly well to surpass your predecessors. I'll be downloading again so I can send you money. And I'm jumping into the discord right now.

I am so late to the party on this, but just became aware of it earlier today. Played it immediately, and really loved the attention to detail, art direction, BW spotlight aesthetic, awesome breathing mechanic to convey emotions subsiding, and the bold choice to tell the story without bloating it with unnecessary gameplay or tasks just to artificially increase the duration. I'd love to see a behind the scenes on the texture work, art style references, incredible layered animation, and overall inspiration for the story. I'm personally very excited about what you create next. Congrats to the entire team! I loved it.

The details are so well-chosen. From the jittery rendering effect to the stellar use of music, this small team is definitely punching above their weight. I think you've crafted a very strong demo, and while it doesn't move the genre forward, it encapsulates the best of it so confidently that it demands playing. I'll be looking forward to the full release. Whether you were a team of 1, 2, 5, or 40, the end result is entertaining, engaging, and cohesive. I'll be recommending it to my friends.

TL;DR: You rock, and your fans are patient souls. Take the time you need to be super awesome.

Masterful use of the medium, and such beautiful metaphors throughout... Thank you, Cecile, for using such elegant restraint and just the perfect number of pixels to craft this poetic journey. I will certainly be recommending it to friends who appreciate such things. Excited to see what's next for you!

sodaraptor, your work is truly impressive. Would it be possible to pick your brain about solo dev work, and how you were able to accomplish such a polished and unified game in such a short amount of time? Taking a short break from Unity, I had four or five small indie games I wanted to check out today, and I tapped out of almost all of them before trying Hypnagogia and playing through the entire thing. I loved every second.

It was exactly what I'd hope it would be, and after two very different play-throughs, I came away feeling a strong mixture of emotions. I felt as though I was engaged in battle, and the words were my weapons. I have a great deal of remorse about how I broke up with my girlfriend, not the least of which is that I chose to do so over text. Yet the experience felt more real and impactful than 95% of the plethora of indies I've played lately. Nice work. Excited to see what you produce next!

Hi guys! I love how smoothly this plays, and the "stand still to reload" mechanic works wonders with regards to adding strategy. I see a million ways you could have added more to try to make it better, but love that you were disciplined enough to stick with a core that works and polish it to perfection. Can we get a follow-up that has less restraint and expands upon this little gem?

Just spent a few hours with the build, and really enjoy the free-form exploration. Every time I was so frustrated I wanted to quit, I found a way through--until I dropped the wizard and found myself at a door checkpoint with ghost buildings on both sides of it, with no way to progress. A safe "restart last viable checkpoint" in the pause menu would be a good idea if these types of bugs still plague the release. A chapter select would be awesome too (and remedy the same issue). All in all, it's a fine game, and you should be proud of your restraint with regards to the puzzle design. In my opinion, you display presently inaccessible areas a bit too prominently, which results in unnecessary trail and error--but the satisfaction of reaching the next area balances out the frustrations enough that I wanted to keep playing, even after wasting 10 minutes trying to make the same impossible jump. Here's hoping for a fix for my issue and a chapter select so I can finish the game someday.