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Game was nice and had really game changing mechanics(boxes, swords, etc). 

Had a ton of fun!

what do you mean by "I am not sure it was your idea"?

Found the game a bit too hard to play since the spiders had so much health and that the items cost a lot. Really nice game with good controls and shop system.

Game was a bit confusing since the stats had weird names like fortitude and aerobics which didn't have meaning to me. Overall the game worked and I actually won.

The shreks actually scared me. The game controls are nice but it would be cool if the shreks would rotated towards you making it easier to shoot them. Nice Game and controls.

Had fun playing it. The blacksmith swords, level was definitely the hardest for me since the swords just kept on killing me.  Really enjoyed every level since it brings a new type of enemy and doesn't get bland(enemies are original and even have a backstory).

This game was awesome since the controls were clear and the sound effects were great. At the beginning it was really hard to play since I forgot about the focus feature but after that it was very fun.  One thing I didn't really enjoy was that the starter barrel would sometimes drop a single coin or even nothing instead of a gun which was a bit frustrating. 

It just has more computing power than my laptop. I don't think it is a gaming PC.

Oh I waited for roughly 2 minutes. The application for me stopped responding but worked on my basement computer. The games controls worked very well and the title actually fits since the game is about a pocket sized key item. 

It didn't load properly on my windows computer even though the version I downloaded was for windows(started but was all white). Without playing it I feel that the title is too vague in my opinion since "Pocket-Sized Items in a Dungeon" doesn't really convey what the game is about(It's only stating that it has pocket sized Items in a dungeon, unless that is the only factor in the game).  Also the overall art style in the download page looks really nice for your first game in a game jam!

The overall game mechanic where you have to stick to the walls by attacking and coordinating the movement controls with it(Attacking left pushes you right and Attacking right pushes you left). Also the enemies where hard to hit without taking damage yourself.

Liked the game but I found it very hard to play. Music was really nice and fit the theme. I couldn't pass the second level. 

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The game had very responsive controls. In my opinion the jump sound effect was a bit too loud and the enemies could have used an indication of the damage taken(like the redness of a mob when damaged in Minecraft).  Some of the floor colliders let me jump through if that is not intended and the art is nice. 

It didn't let me run the game since it was downloaded as a rar file. It might just be my computer hardware, but I'm on windows if the game is supposed to run on it?

Liked the art style and the gameplay. The plus symbol for the arrows confused me a bit since I originally thought is was a heal ability. 

Was really fun. The sound effects were very 8 bit like the overall game.

Controls were nice but it didn't have a main menu .

Liked that their was an ending!

This was almost the hardest game I have ever played in my life(not hardest because of the "Worlds Hardest Game) . It was a very energetic, hard and fun game.

Nice game but an aimer would be nice.

Really really fun. 

Really Fun but it gets laggy after a while

Really fun, but sometimes when there are asteroids and I teleport  the asteroids move with me to the next planet which is kind of odd. Like the sound effects!

Very Creepy!

Fun Game,  I tried not to get stuck