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Спасибо. Это все отличные идеи для более развитой игры. Это была пока просто демка. Больше даже техническая демка, чем игровая.

Thanks. I hope it will transform in a good game someday : )

Hello! Next little game with hard AI on the work. It will be browser game. Probably in 1-2 months.

Hello! Thanks for video about 7drl games

Win it with monk! Great ending, thanks!

Thanks! You learned all main tricks of horde controlling very fast. Hope, it was fun for you.

Thanks :). You can also make video for previous my roguelike: itch io - Xenomorph 7drl of Infinite Underworld

It can be finished in 10-15 minutes, easier, but much more bloody and funnier little RPG.

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Hi! Thanks for your gameplay! It is very useful to see, how a real player learns game rules. You need not only to sneak from the behind but also always predict where the victim will turn with his light.

Monster Grue is a tactical turn-based RPG. It have elements of roguelike, stealth and strategic games. 

Game features:
1. Signs of classic roguelikespermanent deathprocedurally-generated levelsturn-based battle; dungeon exploration; development of the character's skills; the decisions made are significant, and the game process is controllable.
2. You hunt stealthily in the darkness because the light will burn you.
3. Develop special skills to distract, lure and frighten your victims so that it's easier for you to catch and eat them.
4. The creation of a random environment and caves gives a variety of roguelike genre, and a deterministic predictive battle gives complete control over victory or defeat.
5. Different endings with the different difficulty of achievement and final bosses at the end.

You can play it on Windows or Android. It is free game.


Download and play game on

This game about using one monster to save normal people from war. 

This monster is fantasy analog of atomic bomb and you play as this monster. Lead your hord against enemy army, crush their defences. Consume their bodies and create even more xenomorphs to continue attack.

Game page 

Game page

This is turn-based RPG. It has some features of roguelikes.

It is available for Windows and Android.

All links to game provided on the Game page

You are welcome to try and swallow weak humans.

Game page

Download Xenomorph 7drl of Infinite Underworld

Story and ending scene are added since v1.0.09

This game about horde of xenomorphs, where you try eliminate army of enemy general. 

Links to the game:

Rate 7drl page

Download page

Android version game page

I barely made it in time and was forced to abandon many of planned features.

  • Initially game was maded without sounds and musics (but music and sounds files was almost prepared, but 7 days is pretty short for all planes to finish);
  • AI of units was planed to be with "groups mind" but finished in semi-random movement (attacks are not random, obviously);
  • There are was simple cutscenes with story at the start and in the end, but for now it is extremely minimalistic victory windows :( .


At the end of contest I am pretty happy with the result, as it is was finished game (MVP) with realised core idea: how scary and unstopable can be monster horde with xenomoph behaviour.

Links to the game:

Rate 7drl page

Download page

Android version game page

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Please, can you give some feedback? What is most cool you find here and what you think can be changed?

I work now for 2 main updates:

  • music and sounds;
  • Cutscene ending and real short story at the start.

You can also play this Xenomorph 7drl RPG in the Google Play.