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I'm honored!

Sent. Today's one-shot was adapted from a Call of Cthulhu adventure and it went great! Steal Breath and Dread Gaze are some hella effective spells! LOL

This game is a huge hit every time I run it! I would like to send you the character sheet template I made up for it.

Finally managed to run a one-shot of Corvid Court and it was excellent! What domain would you choose when the Birds drive a motorcycle out THROUGH A WINDOW ON THE 22nd FLOOR OF A BUILDING AND DEPLOY PARACHUTES TO GLIDE DOWN TO ANOTHER LEVEL OF NEST TO ESCAPE THE SCENE OF THE HEIST? Asking for a friend. LOL!

An update?! Awesome! 

Is there an ink-saving/printer friendly version?

Feel free to swing by for feedback on this. We've got a rad little community.

Is there somewhere I could obtain Alone in the Crowd as an individual file instead of as part of the bundle on DrivethruRPG? 

I don't have a Twitter account. Could I reach out by email or Discord? I ordered my physical copy directly through Gila when they went on a clearance sale.

I purchased a physical copy a while back. Love it! 

 Will there be an Errata PDF for book owners or will obtaining the updates require a separate purchase of the new PDF?

>More stuff may be forthcoming for this system – adventure modules, more items and character cards, and so on – if there's any demand for it!

I demand! I demand! 🤓 I would love additional character cards and perhaps an example God-setting.

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I'll tell you what I have ended up kitbashing. I have a magical talent for rolling abysmally low for my pc's and oddly high for enemies on a consistent basis. In order to even make it to a d4 objective, I have started using the "Scarlet Heroes" system to read *incoming* damage. Outgoing damage is dealt as written in FOYT. In the event I lose a roll, I interpret the difference like I would a single damage die in SH.  A difference of 1 is negligible; no damage taken. A difference between 2 & 5 results in 1 point of damage. 6 to 9 deals 2 points, and a difference of 10+ deals 4 points of damage. 

I promise it's not your system, it's my luck. Ha ha! Even with incoming damage nerfed so severely, my rolls still resulted in sustaining nearly half my total hp in injuries from a single room using a d10 archery skill and d8 bow. 😂  

Bruh. I'm just a level d4! 

*sobbing laughter*

Thank you! This helps a ton! I have another question, if that's alright. Playing as the sample archer in the "desecrate the altar" adventure, my character encountered the locked door before obtaining the key. There is no option in the app to try picking the lock, so I instead rolled a thievery+level check. I had no specifications for the opposing dice and therefore rolled against 2d4 for two reasons: 1.) d4 is the default die chosen when a character doesn't have an applicable trait and 2.) d4 was also my character level at the time. Was that in line with the basic game logic or is there some other way to determine unspecified environment traits? 

I'm loving the game! I think I'll try drawing up an inventory sheet to easily track the placement and bulk of items on the character's person. That was a sticking point for me when playing, but it was negligible.

Question about the interpretation of "lowest die." The weapon ammunition rule states "If this weapon's die is lowest on an attack, cross off an ammunition." Does that mean the lowest of the two active dice or the lowest of all four dice? So for example the archery trait rolls as 5, the bow as 4 and the two opposing dice as 3's. Would I cross off an ammunition because the bow was the lowest active die or retain the ammunition because the both opposing dice are lower?

Thanks in advance!