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A member registered Nov 02, 2016

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Last for here

First it didnt show data conflict(the phone is on ai list and TIMED OUT then i turned it on meny screen appeared, second i just turned on the wifi the time i created ze quick bug report, third theres no way bringing them back right?

Finee mmmtoo lazy to fill accounts setups on ze other side

Le me: creating two bots OFFLINE >succesfully created two bots>testing two bots>phone warned 4% bettery left >got up on bed to get charger(the phone timed out)> charged the phone> turned on the phone> gladiabots still there but on menu > le me wanna try and test again the fresh bots>scolling trough ai list > le me: confused, where the f are the two new bots>ffffffffuuuu>created a quick report on this forum conataining a link to the new forum #rebelme>then cries in corner cuz i cant remember what the nodes are,fffff

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Quick bug

AGAIN!! desapearing bots :/ I made two bots offline then i got lowbat then got to charge my device guess what happened, YOURE RIGHT! Tuned on the phone annnnnd its gone

I made them for 1hour and done somma testing for half our and guess what, YOURE RIGHT AGAIN!,, iiiim back to zero and wish i remember everything right..sux lol

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Back to assault class it is -_-

Just opinion no harm : instead of banning speacial class on everything but can only only use one, maybe just on matches theyre got alot of advantages?

  • ex.
    • Meeting point/split team/set your priorities = long range so ban sniper class use limit to X
    • COD brutal med range, limit machine gun use to X
    • Etc. Etc.
    • Just opinion no harm, still got a long way to go tho

demotion relocks unlocked classes too no?

mm au right i used the chess

(Edited 2 times)

like ploting?

X=1-40 Y=1-40 full-scale (gfx's entity cords↑↑↑, balls,bases,bots)

Cords just like every mmorpg tracking

Ex. Tile #1 from top x1,y1 //#2 x1,y2

Gl gfx has everything ;)

HAh! That guy 'DocGB' is a fraud then ;)
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SpitFire class

  • unlock level: x
  • Mhealth :5500
  • MShield:3000
  • SRC :3000
  • SRD :3000


  • move speed :1250
  • Speed w/ball :500
  • RMS :600
  • MCR :400
  • SCR :300


  • AAD:1500
  • ABC :3
  • ABC2 :2
  • ABD :150
  • AP :400
  • SRAP:20%
  • MRAP:100%
  • LRAP :20%
  • Unique ability : fires napalm upwards missing long and short, so med ranger (bullets 60Β° Apart from each other)napalm splash damage 3x3=5%

got your new account 'DocGB'? Or just ze same test accounts 'GFX47_etc.'

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Kamikazee class

  • unlock level:?
  • Mhealth :3000
  • MShield :4000
  • SRC :3000
  • SRD :3000


  • move speed :1900
  • Speed w/ball :200
  • RMS :600
  • MCR :400
  • SCR :300


  • AAD:0
  • ABC:none
  • ABC2 :none
  • ABD :none
  • AP :total health and shield (7000,ONCE;D)
  • SRAP :100%
  • MRAP :0%
  • LRAP :0%
  • Unique ability : suicide bomber (direct hit damage 100% area splagsh damage 3x3:70% 4x4:20% 5x5:5%)
  • Looks : you decide
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Medic class

  • unlock level:?
  • Mhealth:3000
  • MShield:2000
  • SRC :3000
  • SRD :3000


  • move speed :1100
  • Speed w/ball :400
  • RMS :600
  • MCR :400
  • SCR :300


  • AAD :2000
  • ABC:1
  • ABC2 :1
  • ABD :100
  • AP:500 (ally health restore /shot)
  • SRAP:100%
  • MRAP :80%
  • LRAP:75%
  • Unique ability :Friendly fire restores enemy health (charged beam)
  • Looks: you decide
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Rocket/Tank class

  • unlock level: ?
  • Mhealth :6000
  • MShield :4000
  • SRC :3000
  • SRD :3000


  • move speed :700
  • Speed w/ball :600
  • RMS :600
  • MCR :400
  • SCR :300


  • AAD :6000?
  • ABC :1
  • ABC2 :1
  • ABD :100
  • AP :5500(direct hit)
  • SRAP :0%
  • MRAP :50%
  • LRAP :100%
  • *new Bullet area splash damage :3x3=80%% 4x4=20% 5x5: 5%
  • Looks: you decide

Comparison/Legend (offical AI stats Link by GFX47) link:https://itch.io/post/68258

Wheres yours? None? Make one or vote from the others..;)

copy so no hustle(filled ones are done by default)

Name: class

  • unlock level: x
  • Mhealth :x
  • MShield :x
  • SRC :3000
  • SRD :3000


  • move speed :
  • Speed w/ball :
  • RMS :600
  • MCR :400
  • SCR :300


  • AAD :x
  • ABC :x
  • ABC2 :x
  • ABD :
  • AP :x
  • SRAP :x
  • MRAP :x
  • LRAP :x
  • Unique ability :your twist)
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constanly checking if the matches are filled ;)


  • Galdiabots
    • Sir. Deployed matches are now filled, check the results! Your AI's are now hungry for another set of brawl!??
    • Sir. You've been out for a while, your robot's are rusting! Check them.

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test image how to f#@$
(Edited 1 time)

a href='http://i.imgur.com/PKtZ6mc' title=''img src='http://i.imgur.com/PKtZ6mc.jpg' alt='' title='Hosted by imgur.com' //a

I see alot like this, i post a thread bou this

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max pending from depreached matches again Dr

Are they going to be filled? Or it happened again

At first i thought you made the max pending matches count to 3 but then when i scrolled theres 2 depreached pending matches

Dr can we have a 'Target selection' 'IN ENEMY/ALLY BASE'?

Its really different from 'Condition' if enemy/ally base

anyways grats out the mind games with sneaky was fun observing you two ;)

0% damage chance on out of range right?

(Edited 1 time)
  • Ex. Condition 'enemy>in allybase>exist

Ex. Action 'move toward>enemy>in ally base

(Edited 1 time)
  • reasons why gfx removed unbalanced maps by player request
    • Starving you cant win?= lies, you can just think
    • Back to back cant win?= lies, still can win think deeper
    • Ambidextrous still cant win cuz the enemy still using shotgun rush?=lies, i won this maps even on shotgun speed on 5.0.5
    • Now neighbors fight?!=how!can you not win this map?!? :(
  • Interference was the problem
    • Resource and bases are too close to eachother to stop a rush using only two(2) units any class
    • Good thing it was removed?=yes
  • Split Team (sniping, means just on multiplayer league 4)
    • 1-6 nodes either you win or enemy will
(Edited 1 time)

Removed neighbors fight added COD?

Tutorials are flawless as usual, did the mind game added on the solo missions for testing or will only appear on multi

Dr have you read the makers note on that map //sneaky and rc ;) (i was having a popcorn whe they were creating that)

i payed to the , i just got disappointed when it has less complexity to play cuz of the maps,......then I have a Jack Daniels in my mind soooooo shit happens when your on alcohol :( ;)

oh em geeh now that i perfected neighboras fight (im always no to shotgun rush) theyre gonna be removed.

Watch my latest neighbors fights matches

(I dunno why they are unbalamced when you just need to think to win...just like starving,ambidextrous, back2back im winning those maps not using shotgun resource rush even at 5.0.5)

Ps. Me and other people that wants complexity to the game not 1-6 nodes winning strat (split team ML4 is now a problem 1-6 nodes ur done or enemy is)

(Edited 3 times)

but as said

I cant do anything about it , its your game and hardwork

Ive seen your other game 'CC' (continuum? Commandos).

But this game here Dr is unique, but locking it will just make it same as the ussual games

But i think it's the end here ive lost interest for the beta (just single class for unranked and local) dont underestimate your game, its been fun Dr. -rebel 3:)

(Edited 2 times)

the links are to minimize repeating threads(i dont need attention, just wanna organize shits cuz like, mm new thread BUT LOOK its the same as the other one below, why not create were they can put everything there)also im a rebel ;)

Clash of clans are example of 'pay to win' and has players globaly

Gladiabots - under construction 100k maybe well go to bout 5million /youre under estimating the potentials of your game

theres your bomber bot class on the last post J

its better tho , rather than waiting for opponents live

(Edited 1 time)

Got thread about that buddy GG mate


(Edited 1 time)

Satisfaction, client to consumer = win/loss

But we want win/win or no? If so ↓↓

https://itch.io/post/69059 for the poblem (greatly observed on failed games)

https://itch.io/post/69060 my 'opinion' for both sides satisfaction

Ps. Dr i know you can see the bright side of your game and hardwork (so am I) but I look 'both sides', that one small step can cause the downfall - marco (just an opinion alright?)

(Edited 6 times)
  • ex. pro version price=x(9.99$)
    • Then sold just on x=(10000 players)or >actual

  • Sales from the misc. Items lets say (just the special models {your good at this,graphic designer} )
      • Rare skin (0.49$/item)
      • < legend skin (0.99$/item)
      • < mythical skin (1.99$/item)
      • * x=(20+10+5 items on skin types)
    • Then sold on x=(5000 players)or < actual (yet skins is just one item on misc.)
  • Then Pro < misc.items (sales) as Pro is 'just one item sold' (your gonna be happy about it 'and players will be happy to play with classes 'free')(just assault class for local and unranked?πŸ˜·πŸ‘Ž)
      • Sales on misc. Products dominated 'pro version unlock sales' up to 50%+ and thats just on low scale///// client satisfaction rate =100% costumer satisfaction rate = 80-100%.

Theres something on people that WANTS their possessions UNIQUE just cuz of 'ego' or show off, theyll get dragged more 'to personalize theyre bots(X)' (paying on it) rather than 'Y'

But i cant do anything on that its your game your hardwork Dr Dubois

-ps Marco(ConsciouS-0nE)

(Edited 3 times)

Oh no darn "pro" version i cry

Why cant rare good games cant stay freemuim

You know not everyone can do that no,

Why make the 'no impact to the game items' free when more people wants that, then theyll pay (skins,decals,colors (the basic should be free then the more complex and awesome ones can be sold, that would have endless amount of item sold rather than the 'prolock')

There are freemium games that has bigger net worths than premium ones just need to find another source

Locking the features of the game that people wants, with money 'some will pay / a lot 'cannot''

(Edited 1 time)

dr. How about my thread about separating some removed maps that other players(and me) likes


Ps. COD map sa brutal!(i like it!)

Ps2 split team can be won by a single node program (sniper) currently happening on ml4 lol

(Interference was the only problem map, because the bases are too close from the resources) ill say again 'people complained about it cuz they can feel the 'players superiority' on these maps that they cant outsmart <<(separate (*difficult maps options for new players ///turn "unbalanced map"(just difficult and needs creative thinking) ON/OFF)

AYe aye captain
Dr no maps for solo mission? If we can i want to make one

  • Enemy ai has classes set up so (one color for another team ai(4teams max?), another shape for classes just for enemy ai)
  • The player is already good (blue and arrow shape)

guys 20x20 tiles isnt the full scale maps (see gfx's preference from ambidextrous) dont be mistaken making maps really small (girls doest want small ones hah?)