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Wow thanks for the awesome gameplay video!  I'm stoked that you enjoyed the game ^_^ especially since top down shooters aren't your thing!

The space bar mashing is a little intentional as to be honest otherwise the game becomes a little too easy... But maybe there's an upgrade/power-up idea in there somewhere??  Only future star systems will tell!

Thanks so much for taking the time to play through this.  Maybe if you want to take on the rest of The Blue Deltas there's a part 2 ahead?!  (If you want to start The Blue Deltas with a couple more lives without grinding through chapter one again, the settings in the save select screen - hit the gear icon in the bottom right - allows you to select which system to start from).

Keep up the great videos!

Amazing, thank you!  Hope you like it ✌

Would love some feedback on my game 'Space Pricks' if you're still looking for things to play!  It's still in relatively slow development (life am I right?!) but the story beats are being dropped in chapter by chapter :)

Space Pricks - The Blue Deltas by ConoroGames (

Love the new art!  The last one was good too but the varied colours in this make it a lot more striking.  All of the character expressions are perfect *chef's kiss*

Thank you so much for playing my game!  Awesome video :D sorry about the sound situation >_< I'm currently working on a post-jam release to address the suggestions that came out of the jam (as well as some bugs), and this will certainly include adding some music! I just ran out of time during the jam... Thanks for throwing some over the top - was actually pretty inspiring to see how it felt with some chiptuney stuff. I'm composing myself so I think I'll take that on board as inspiration ^_^

Planning to add a handful of levels to make it more interesting for those who've already played it too - but will keep that fairly short and sweet to allow for a quick turnaround on this release.

I'm glad you had fun with it!

Thanks for building this masterpiece :D

I like the use of the theme!  Survival with AI.  You could certainly take it a few steps further, but for the scope of 3 days I think you've done very well!  Only really off thing is the gun sound for the sword...  That's a little confusing...  All in all, nice work :)

A cool little take on Tower Defense.  It's maybe a little too easy - could do with some scaling and diversity in enemies, but the diversity of allies is pretty good I think!  Nice work ^_^

Ahhh YES a collectathon!   You've landed on my favourite genre.  This was a fun little snapshot of a game ^_^  could definitely see it being expanded to other planets.  The platforming mechanic was quite fun and unique with the limited boost.  Great job!

Cute game!  Very satisfying to play with that squishy bouncing.  Not really sure where the AI comes in but heck it's a very nice palette cleanser from all of the robots and evil personalities trying to sabotage your playthrough... 

Lovely game!  The audio and visuals are nice and consistent.  I wonder whether it would feel more balanced if there were more fish and less obstacles?  Nice work on this anyway :)

This is a lot of fun!  Who would've thought AI advertising could be such an engaging piece of gameplay!  Nice work :D

What a cool idea!  It's kind of like finger painting with a young child.  The sounds are super satisfying too!  A suggestion - it would be nice to have some sort of gallery in-game to flick through.  Great job!  ^_^

100% my favourite game of the jam.  Incredible work.  The art looks pristine; the sound is, while not always perfect, always endearing.  The use of the 'collaborate with AI' topic is fantastically unique and matches so perfectly.  It's the most creative take I've seen, and somehow it's SO simple to play.  As a muso I had a heck of a lot of fun.  WOWIE!

Freaking beautiful <3

Awesome game!  The visuals feel like something straight out of a graphic design deck.  Great vibes.  I think the one thing that would make it better is if the voice didn't repeat itself every time you died - it can feel a bit repetitive on the trickier levels.  Great job on this!  ^_^

Rated and commented!

Looks like you've doubled up since this post!  That's a pretty solid turnaround :) It can be pretty difficult to find games when there are 1,000+ entered.  I've found that regularly posting on the community forums seems to be the most effective way to increase discoverability.  There's also the Discord group and if you have any other avenues like Twitter that probably can't hurt either :D

On that note, here's a regular community forum post pointing to my game - check it out if you have time ^_^

Rate Blue Pipe Samurai by ConoroGames for Wowie Jam 4.0 -

Great work on those collisions!  Only real feedback is that the dragging was fairly unreliable...  Still a fun little puzzler :) nice job!

Rated and commented!  Hopefully you have enough time to check mine out :) Rate Blue Pipe Samurai by ConoroGames for Wowie Jam 4.0 -

Arguably a better game than Flappy Bird.

Thanks so much for playing!  Some polish should turn up in a post jam release :) until then I'm very glad you found the art and writing to your liking ^_^

Thanks gamer!  I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^

Fair enough - I feel you on that!  Thanks for the rate gamer ^_^

Simple things to fix at least ^_^

Rated and commented!  Appreciate a rate back if you get the chance :)

Awesome game!  The artwork and sound are perfect.  Level 3 is way too hard all of a sudden though - I couldn't get past those squares!

Nice game!  The music is banger :D  It can get a bit frustratingly difficult in places - if there's a way to add some more pattern or telegraphing it may help the player experience.  Great work though!

I'm out of time for now but I have added this to my list and will rate before the deadline!  ^_^

This is mine if you find time to check it out: Rate Blue Pipe Samurai by ConoroGames for Wowie Jam 4.0 -

Finally managed to do some more ratings!  Great little game, fantastic job splitting up the player responsibilities of attack/defend :)

Great idea and the artwork is very high quality!  Great use of AI.  It was often tricky going back to hit the switches once the gunner had moved off screen (maybe the camera should just follow your character?) - this was also an issue for the boss battle, where the gunner sat so low on the screen I could only see the very edges of the boss's guns and shield.  I also wonder whether it would be okay to make the two characters not collide with each other?  On a few occasions I couldn't get up in front in time to protect the gunner :( Lots of fun and personality in this, it's an idea I'd love to see some expansion on ^_^

It's a novel idea - nice work pulling it together!  The telegraphing on the lasers was a little unforgiving, but otherwise this was a pretty fun game to play ^_^

Finally rated!  I fed your robot's pot.

This is quite relaxing, weirdly...  I was surprised how interesting it was even with no objective.

This is a very cool game!  The logic underneath it must be a bit mammoth O.O  great job piecing this together though - I had quite a bit of fun with it :) It could be nice to have some sort of end goal available, even if there's just a timed or scored mode as another option?

This.  Is.  Beautiful.  I have some constructive feedback but I don't even care.  Just looking at it is mouthwatering.  Amazing.  Love every inch.

In case YOU care about the feedback, I just thought it was a little difficult to tell which line the key was on in the final stage (I tried to get it on the middle layer first).  The robots are clear because of their shading, but I'm not sure how you could achieve the same result for the key thing (different shades won't stand out so much when there's only one orange on screen...).  Having to click the buttons also made the timings a little difficult particularly when I was lining up to switch layers, I suspect using keys or controller buttons wouldn't be so problematic, but otherwise there may need to be larger on-screen buttons?

Again, beautiful work.

Beautiful graphics!  The gameplay was easy to sink into as a platformer.  The rock throwing mechanic made it a little more interesting and unique - but trying to move the robot around could get a little tedious...  I was sort of expecting it to just follow me?  It's a bit of a slow burn too - most people know how to play a basic platformer, so I think you could have introduced the robot a little sooner :)  great work on it though!  Crazy to get this much done in one weekend O.O

I suppose the legends are true.  The CAN only be one vending machine game!  :O

(I'm sorry your upload stuffed up - that must suck :L )

IT IS FUN!  Awesome game.  Loved the playfulness of adding the different features.  But I got rid of the tress and it just wasn't the same :(  Great job!

Cool little space shooter!  Good and short and also quite challenging.  The variation of enemies is great.  Nice work ^_^