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I just noticed a devlog feature - not sure if that was there before but that resolves point 1. Also recaptcha issue seems gone now so point 2 is also resolved.

Ray's Challenge is an action/puzzle game set in an expansive world. Originally released in 2006 under the working title Challengo, it was quickly featured on the YoYoGames Sandbox where it went on to receive over 30k downloads. Version 2 is a revamp that introduces an overworld scheme, new music, and other improvements. A multiplayer mode and level editor are included. The game was created in GameMaker, using Photoshop for graphics and Audition for sound editing. Below is a trailer of the game. And here it can be played. Comments and feedback are appreciated. :)

I like this site but think it would improve with these:

1. Version field (under More information)

2. Getting rid of continued recaptcha - I've seen this for registrations but never for logins on a site before. Too much?

Ray's Challenge community · Created a new topic New trailer

Check out the brand spanking new HD trailer showcasing Ray's Challenge version 2 here!

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Welcome to the support forum for Ray's Challenge. If you need any help or have any feedback please post a topic here. You are also free to post in this topic on my community.