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(serious comment: I love the colours and details, wow!)

Thinking about thos blocks....

underrated meme turned strangely morbid game, A+

yep! Invisible avatar picking up invisible items :)

cronch ✨

Really nicely worded thoughts and lessons. Thank you for sharing. 

"Affection from hands ready to close the door" made me put my phone down for a moment to stare into the distance.

Nice and straight forward, pretty gradients, and works well on my phone :)

Wowww this is gorgeous, all the floors and tiles and colours, super work everyone!!

The bunny and cat housemates are growing on me. Looking forward to the next sequel.

A bitsy game? In this economy?

5 spiders out of 5

a) this is cute

b) who wouldn't like a Yes mixtape

god the perspective in this is lovely, and when it changes is very cool... and the special thing in that room is very cool

5 stars for "creepy plot and atmosphere", 5 stars for "how the hell did you do that in bitsy"

making unsettling art in bitsy is tough but you have done it... some of those scenes made my skin crawl...

I really like all the different styles and brushes, and ways you combined them! Makes every picture feel different but cohesive. And sad.

Rissole-y good game, loved it ✨

thrilled that you like it! thank you for spotting the bug - turns out it only happens on the itchio hosted version and not when tested from my desktop - but I know how to fix it, thankfully, so I'll update that <3

heh heh that's the reaction i was going for πŸ’–

thank you! that's the power of your imagination ✨

thank you!! <3

hehe thank you πŸ’– I guess the amount of flirting depends on which friends you go with!

thank you for putting on the jam! ✨

huh, weird. At least you enjoyed it even without music :) Can I ask what browser you were using?

Emma what the hell I didn't expect to be crying this morning



woops. thanks for that - have fixed it now!

That was really good! Looking forward to the dev log to learn your secrets...

(...speaking of secrets, I missed a gem somewhere that I couldn't find...)

The art is really good........ the puzzle was tough at first but then I figured out the nice hint :)

Nice textures! And the machines and moving bits are all really nicely animated, can practically hear them chugging along.

thank you, space whale <3

That was really sweet.... and I want to know more about the world but I didn't need to know more to enjoy it. This way it really felt like it was two people in a larger, unknown world...


Hahahaha love it... the, uh, special guest narrator made me laugh. Funny yet also sweet.

really subtle mechanic there - I did the wrong thing first playthrough then tried again and went OHHH. nicely done!


thank you! I tried to go for a nice spacey vibe with them πŸ’™

omg I don't think anyone has ever said my art was good.... thank you πŸ’–

Brrrr.... something about the artstyle only made it scarier. I played it through despite the mouse being super-sensitive (that may be more an issue on my end than with the game) ,and that frickin' corridor jump got me GOOD. Great looking, tense, and I like the way it ends.

and then??

What happened??!

This is really neat! I love the way it kind of draws abstract flowers regularly, and the choices of names. Are the names procedurally generated as well as the art?