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Recent community posts,

the hallway image you uploaded in the last post was a .png, but the code screenshots are looking for a .jpg. did you convert it or just change the file extension? that's all I can think of right now.

uploading the VT_ADV Downloadable zip to itchio as-is and setting it to a HTML project with "this file will be played in browser" will work straight out of the box in firefox, chrome, and internet explorer.

With no information about your setup I'm not sure what to advise you try. If nothing happens I would guess the code.js file is missing/cannot be reached. If you bring up the console do you get any error messages?

the filename of this image has a forward slash in it. I would try removing that first, special characters in filenames often cause issues. 


  • check the file is in the right place as the other images and the url path to it is correct.
  • check that your list of images has a comma at the end of every line except the final line.
  • check the ID you give it starts with BG_ and that you call the correct ID in the script.

if all of them check out, bring up the developer tools when you have the game in browser (f12), go to console, see if it spits out an error.

did you read the Readme file about having to run a little server to test it from a local file? It will not work if you just open the index as is due to security restrictions inherent to web browsers.

When doing rapid iteration on web based games in Firefox, I recommend making sure you disable your cache (f12 to bring up developer tools > Network > Tickbox for Disable cache) to stop exactly that kind of thing. Otherwise ctrl-f5 seems to do the trick.

brb going to itchio to play games hghfgf

ah, they've been trickling away slowly enough I didn't notice. should have some spare I can add to it. thanks for the heads up

There is no save/load feature in this game; and whilst there is some branching, there is a single ending.

you can click on the words Act One to proceed ✨

specifically uses posterisation and dithering to get a crunched low-colour-count effect. I wouldn't call it glitch art per se but it's at least somewhat inspired by that.

A PWYW donationware release that clearly states upfront it is a work in progress and "the documentation is lacking" is not an ethical issue. The choice to donate money towards a work in progress is yours.

I love the concept and setup, and the art and writing is so lovely! Thank you for the christmas gift :)


last christmas: sweet sad robots

this year: sweet sad lichens

this was good; but I feel like any essay about the change in consumption of music from analog media to digital would benefit from considering the impact napster et al had on the scene too, though! and the comparison between music-as-a-service like spotify and live gigs is interesting; the major difference is that live gigs are usually the way bands make a majority of their income, whilst spotify is probably the lowest direct income channel

I always found the way wargs were described in-text as sentient and speaking languages fascinating, too; great essay and set of thoughts on them.

hellish. real good use of pauses & timing. grim eyerolling humour.

cecile does it again

this is so sweet and tender,
and impressive! I gasped at the melbourne section...

whilst it's about embedding bitsy, not pico8, you'll probably find the iframe stuff in this tutorial relevant:

Nope, the choices are for flavour 

huh, no, that's about halfway. Did it show an error or anything, or just a blank screen?

yep! nice catch :)

Good train...... thank you for the secret santa present <3


What a good doggy........

This is my favourite christmas song... such lovely galaxy images!!!

I really liked that... I got kinda 17776 vibes from the conversations...

What the hell this is so good looking and cute

All those colours... magic...

yep - there's no need to return to the ship. the looping screen is to make sure you don't miss the launch code!

Really enjoying this game! It's very calming...

Not sure if I found a bug today though - the trees on the left island didn't count as touching and netted 0 points. Does diagonal count for them or not?

the "Chair" punchline when you talk to that one ghost was incredible

oh that final line made me quiet for a while...

i feel unclean but complete

gdi... high 3d craftsmanship for such a joke... incredible

Woah, the movement is so smooth...

subtle but excellent, great work

Your art is so pretty, especially the island trees. Really nice ✨

Well, I have a new fear now

Like all good stories, this one was a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish. 

Before I played it I always wondered, why DO bees?

Now I know why bees