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I like the concept! I also like the clean look of the game.

I think some sort of additional feedback for when I hit a Pooper Chest could be good. How the round ends feels a bit abrupt at the moment :)


I'm sure it'll look great!

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Solid question. I found they look good like this

You can modify the frame times as you see fit though. Hope this helps 

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it's finally been complete:

Thanks, I was very proud of that one. It's the only game on my account I didn't have to code myself and it turned out so much better for it haha.

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i did not :(

I am only 1/4 of the way done.
I've been very sidetracked with work and other projects.

If you throw me an email address, I can give you this knight for free, since you've supported me already:

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It's best to enter the temple as fast as possible would be my suggestion. That and move cautiously 1 step at a time!

oh nuu, he should be right in the center :(

I'll have to take a look at this asap

very cool

Ooo nice. Looks like you added some extra wrinkles in the clothes too. I was working on another snake type character, but it will probably be awhile until I finish his animations since I'm working on other projects.  The concept is he spits acid and uses his strechy neck to attack. I followed you, so hopefully I see some progress on your game. If you need testers or anything feel free to ask me as well. I can be brutally honest :P

Looks good man. The character was never so detailed in any of my concepts so it's cool to see a more realistic type render.

I've notice you bought a couple of my things. Using them on a current project?

i sent a friend request on discord - my name is Combo Smooth#2748

I could be interested. Been doing some pixel art animations lately, though my main interest is in game design. Is there any game design work needed in addition to pixel art?

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Hi Arnaud, do you have an idea of what kind of game you are looking to make?

I could be interested. I even already have a prototype of a small game working that we could adapt

you can message me through itch or on discord Combo Smooth#2748

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Arena Knight is a simple 2D action RPG. The knight fights off waves of enemies as he makes his way to the final boss!

4 tiers, 23 waves, 1 boss

Made the game mostly by myself. Try it out for free on Mac/PC. Throw some feedback my way! - game link


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oh i see, because i only created them on the diagonal angles. Thanks for the info, maybe for next time!

Thanks so much! I definitely want to create  more sprites in the future and lizardman is actually pretty high up on the list of what I would create.

I am not sure I understand what you mean. If you flip the sprites on the Y-axis they should work for left/right. Is there something more specific they would need to work with Hex tile sets?