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I'm good, and yeah I'm still working on the project! I put it down for what was SUPPOSED to be a short time so I can work on a Combined_Arms Gaiden update and that's been taking longer than I anticipated, lol.

It's not a game, it's just a weapon reskin pack for another Doom mod. What you see there is pretty much what the addon adds: Just visual reskins. I don't see a need to add video for this project.

Now for the other projects I've added, I've included trailers with video, but it's not necessary here.

Nah, you can just load it up like you would any other HDest addon. I just mention that up there on the main page because that's what I made it for originally, but it works with stock player skins too.

It's still in, it just has a new primary fire and is buffed overall.

I'm glad you're enjoying the mod so much, getting it to work with Zandronum has been no small feat either, though I'd say it's been worth it. As for the issue with the shield actors preventing you from using target spy, I'm aware of it, though I'm uncertain if there's anything I can do on my side to prevent it. As much as I've done to keep the mod compatible with other mods, there's only so much that can be done.

It does! Though you might want to bring more than vanilla weapons against those monsters, they're a little more aggressive that vanilla monsters.

Enhances your rate of fire for the Blazter, letting you mash and shoot faster, once you get enough of them you can shoot an extra shot for free.

Very good use of particles! I'm grateful for the extensive customization options for visuals and controls. Default blaster feels really good to spam. Good sound design as well! I also like the steady progress in equipment at the start, felt very well paced, exploring in general was pretty enjoyable. My only real gripe is the protag's running animation feels a little odd when she's in her Geo Armor. That and I first walked past the helmet before quickly turning around and grabbing it.

Yeah actually, inside the .pk3 itself there's a credits.txt file that lists all of tracks I've used for characters, and I've gone into detail as best I can for each track. It's a little harder for Kustam as a lot of NES tracks don't have names tied to them.

Ah you found that, very nice. Keep your eyes peeled because I'm going to make sure all of the sets have a cheeky secret. The crate weapons are in the process of being overhauled too, they won't need reloading anymore, but that button you pressed will be used to trigger the old reload animations and stuff for fun.

The berserk tier item varies from class to class, the Super Venter is a power up that lasts for the duration of the stage, so that one's intentional. The plasma gun being called the grenade launcher is a definite screw up on my part and it's something I've actually fixed for this big update I'm working on.

I should probably add a bit of text somewhere to tell the player if their current class has a permanent or temporary berserk upgrade.

I'm afraid not, I usually don't do much with Heretic or Hexen compatibility, as there's a slew of extra items and tools between those two games. It doesn't help I'm not very familiar with either of those games so trying to balance stuff against those would get really sloppy.

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Wait, fire elementals? I don't have any fire elementals. That might be a Scythe 2 enemy, but with the increased damage of the characters, you should be able to crush them easily

Pavise guards are the big fellas with shields who shoot cannonballs. I'll take a look at the damage numbers for them when I get back to updating GMOTA, the Cybermancers should be tough so that's fine. I'll need to nerf Blaz's Hyper mode a little more as it's currently too strong. The reaper looking enemies, the edgelords, they don't have an invincibility mechanic so I'll need to look into that too.

Depends what you mean heavier monsters, if you're talking about like the Pavise Guards usually you're gonna want to get in closer and meatshot them with the thunderbuss. Barring that, use the rocket launcher

You'll be getting two more soon.

Yeah, it's something to do with crush damage, I'll be looking into that once I finish up with this Combined_Arms update.

A short and simple little point and click. The writing is enjoyable, and I like the art style. A bit of a bummer there's not much in the way of animations but the story and gags were more than enough to see me through it.

It varies from mapset to mapset, I've played through maps that provide mainly bullet tier ammo and I found Kustam was ammo starved really hard. Such is the nature of making all ammo types pile into one, as well as me trying to make sure this gameplay mod works with as many mapsets as possible

I'm actually working on the next big update now! Should have a new playable character soon enough.

Solid game, the little character designs are cute, though I found the walljumping to be a little finnicky seeing as you have to cling to the wall beforehand and it feels like there's a slight delay before the lizard clings. Overall a very enjoyable short little platformer.

You could always run it through some maps that aren't exactly medieval themed. Vrack 1, 2, and 3 are all my gotos for playtesting mods and they're all really intense and a lot of fun. Funny you should mention sega genesis stuff and a dragon character, I'm planning on adding a Kobold character in a later update that will have a Sega Genesis sound theme, so music and sounds from Sega games, though rather than claw and pounce he's gonna throw arcing flask bomb weapons and shoot stuff with a crossbow.

Glad you're enjoying this.

Cute main character and art style in general, novel item tetris style gameplay works pretty well for a  turn based RPG like this, love the battle themes and the game's sense of humor, keep up the good work!

An excellent little homage to ZAMN, with three well rounded weapons to choose from. It's also nice to have a weapon that doesn't truly run out of ammo in the form of the BB gun, being defenseless in the original ZAMN sucked. There is an incredibly solid foundation to be built on from here, I hope to see more added in the future.

High speed gameplay mixed with some pretty indepth combat mechanics makes for a super satisfying game. I love the speed at which the character moves and the various attacks you can perform with just the ice magic alone is really fun.

Best placeholders ever, by the way.

Super tight controls and satisfying as all hell to punch stuff.