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A member registered Jun 16, 2017

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Cute main character and art style in general, novel item tetris style gameplay works pretty well for a  turn based RPG like this, love the battle themes and the game's sense of humor, keep up the good work!

This is hilarious. Though is the third boss supposed to be unkillable? I've punched him down to 0 HP and he's flown off screen while continuing to shoot me with lasers and missiles.

Also this game is pretty terrifying.

An excellent little homage to ZAMN, with three well rounded weapons to choose from. It's also nice to have a weapon that doesn't truly run out of ammo in the form of the BB gun, being defenseless in the original ZAMN sucked. There is an incredibly solid foundation to be built on from here, I hope to see more added in the future.

High speed gameplay mixed with some pretty indepth combat mechanics makes for a super satisfying game. I love the speed at which the character moves and the various attacks you can perform with just the ice magic alone is really fun.

Best placeholders ever, by the way.

Super tight controls and satisfying as all hell to punch stuff.