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Added, thank you!

Hi! I'm sorry that the key does not seem to be present on the download page: can you please reach out to support and ask if they can help? The keys are uploaded and I can confirm that there are spare keys left on my side

I'm sorry, we can't provide an android apk, as it is being tied to Google Play Services and we don't have any extra resources to adjust that now.

Sorry for the slow reply and thank you for  the question! You can expect an sale tomorrow, although it's going to be a bit different than it was on Steam :) 

Are you using launcher? I've replaced the archive and it seems to be different now and does not auto-update for people, can you try deleting and re-downloading the game?

Thanks for playing :)

Uploaded a new linux build, maybe this helps; sorry about this)

Reuploaded the linux build, maybe this helps

Hey! I've tried to solve the issue and uploaded the new DRM-free Linux build. Can anyone see if this works?
Sorry again and thanks for letting me know.

Got it. I've tested it on Ubuntu 18 before releasing it and it seemed to have been working. Super sorry about this, but I'm afraid I can't really debug it right now because I don't have the relevant ubuntu machine available. 

Yeah, that hardware config should be certainly enough.
Sorry about the problem. If you feel like exploring this further, can you see if there is Player.log file in the following folder:


You can also try changing -force-glcore42 to -force-glcore32 or -force-glcore44.

Sorry again and thanks for letting me know.

Hey! Sorry about this. Theoretically the .so files should not be the issue, can you try running the game with -force-glcore -force-glcore42 flags?
What's your hardware config?

Only noticed it now, but I'd love to participate.
Please add our game to the bundle if it's not too late.

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Hey guys! 

The game was intended to be given away as DRM-free version without steam key, but there was an issue with settings. 

Contact if you think there's an issue with your purchase

Sorry for the inconvenience.

yep, you can (:
credit will help a lot, thanks!


I was pretty burned out after launch, but right now I just wanted to say that the full, drm-free version (that also happens to include Steam key if that's what you prefer) is now available for purchase. I'm happy I was able to fulfil my promise rather than leave it hanging vaguely.

I've also set our share to 50%: not really sure if this will net any sales here (I'm pretty bad at marketing), but thanks for what you are doing :) I'm hoping to support whenever we can: the upload process is really straightforward and butler works marvellously. 

Thank you! I'll keep the thread updated when / in case something changes : )

Hey! Thanks for checking the game out. Duly noted: I'll disable the acceleration by default, thanks for the feedback!

Hey everyone!

Since our game, Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story is nearing its release, I've decided to publish a demo/preview version on : )

It's a squad-based shmup with roguelite elements and emphasis on narrative. You play as a robot named H-34-RT, who wakes up after 100 years of maintenance/sleep on his space station, only to find out that his creators are long gone. Find new allies, control your fleet and use special abilities to get towards the end.

Release Trailer:

I think it's pretty unconventional to put detailed plot in SHMUP (we wrote about 40 pages of script / dialogue), but I'm hoping this will work out, since we've found a way for the game flow not to "suffer," but rather benefit from this.

Demo / Preview Version is available here. It currently has 2 ships / 2 allied characters / 2 playable levels / local co-op support:

The game is going to be done on August 22. I'm hoping to prepare a separate full-version release (will notify here) right after I'm done with Steam release. Stay tuned for more devlogs / news.

v 1.1.2 is here!

- new enemy: toxic plane, drags a cloud of toxins behind, slowing player by 10%/second
- new enemy: follow plane (flies in front of you and fires bullets)
- new enemy: booster rocket: speeds up, then slows down, then turns towards the player, then the cycle repeats. Happy dodging!
- adding 6 new missions
- spread3 cannon bullet damage reduced to 1 (down from 2)
- seeker plane changes: 2 lives, becomes invulnerable for 0.6 seconds after being hit
- changed spawns in infinite / organized / timed attack modes: new enemy types can spawn instead of the old enemy types. Replacements: scout -> toxic plane, seeker plane -> zeppelin, flying bomb -> booster rocket, minelayer -> following plane
- shooting enemies will delay their shots if enemy hits them (if you shoot at an enemy - he won't shoot back)
- fixed bug when flying bombs kept exploding after respawn
- fixed a bug when settings would not get saved after exiting the application

V 1.1.1 is here!

- Fixed jittering in touch follow / joystick mode
- Five new missions
- Bonuses are going to spawn closer to you (and mostly in your way)
- Guaranteed to drop health bonus for every 1000 score now
- New enemy plane: seeker, follows the player around

V1.1.0 changes:

- mission mode! Complete tasks & earn stars, gradually getting into the game.
- mode selection screen rework: less annoying popups
- bugfix: reseting controls after the game (sometimes plane turned/started shooting by itself after game restart)
- time bonus: new sound
- time bonus: animation on pickup