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Really good visuals.

FTL doesn't work and it was required to finish Tutorial 1.

I really loved the idea behind this game, looking really forward for this game.

There is no semicolon (;) key in a spanish keyboard.

To write a (;) with a spanish keyboard you have to press "Shift" + "," (comma). This is not registered by your game (not saying it should) but I couln't play your game because it forced me to press a key that doesn't exist in your keyboard.

This is a really important issue you should address.

P.S: Wow, was the spinning and rotating square thingie a character selection screen? I wouldn't guess in a million years.

Looks promising, controls are a little fustratring, I need to play this games with a controller. Seems cool enough otherwise.

Loved the "Doomness" of the level. I found myslef exploring every last corner of it and I love that.

Just two things, in the roof of a building there are 3 canister things, careful with those, as the player can get stuck between them.

Also, maybe tone down the fall damage a lil bit, it feels unfair to take damage after falling from a 1 story building in this kind of games. But you know, this is only a suggestion.