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Cold Coffee Studio

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Awesome, thank you! :)

Hello, I have the same issue!

Released a game few days ago, the page is accessible with the URL or from my profile but:

- It doesn't appear in search

- It never appeared in the "new" games list

Hello everyone,

My name is Ben or Cold Coffee Studio, I just released on itch a prototype of gamebook and I really need feedback before going further!

The proto is raw but contain one FULL STORY written by a professional writter:

A form is available directly from the game main menu, please complete it after playing even if you don't finish the scenario included.

Thank you for your help!

thank you for the heads up Chuk !

Do you enjoy the game?

Thank you Zappero, it means a lot :)

Check my profile to see the other awesome games we do :)

Hello everyone,

It's Ben from Cold Coffee Studio!

We are gonna be very active this year to create a lot of games and we always need people to provide feedback about the gameplay, level design, art, music ect...THE FUN in our games! More people I can gather to play games and more feedback I receive before the release faster games are ready and better they are so if you are interested to help, receive free games in return, your name in the credits and extra rewards join us!

We have so many worlds to explore and bring to life in awesome games:

Hello Zappero!

Problem fixed and build updated on the game page.
Your save will be kept so the quest should complete automatically :)

Hello Zappero, 

You are not the only one, someone reported the same issue on Discord. I will fix the issue today or tomorrow and send you a message here when the new build will be available. Sorry about that :/

Commercial use allowed ?

Hey Belug,

As I told you on Discord, there is no issue at all, it's part of the story...  :x

I will receive a mac book pro tomorrow lend by a dev friend to test that. I will remove the mac build from the game description if I have the same problem on this computer. The weird thing is all my mac builds (for my other games) available on Steam are working perfectly (I have some people on Discord using Mac and giving me feedback during alphas or betas)...

Don't hesitate to join on social networks or Discord,
I put it on hold for the moment but we have another idle game in the boxes:

Thank you everybody for helping me fixing the game:

Hello guys,

A new update is online, I hope the last, to fix the issue with the last mission (loop with fade out between 2 scenes).

Hello Itxi,
I'm always open to suggestions :)

  • Warhouses/silo seem too big: In fact they can't be full but I added extra space to what you can mine/recolt to avoid issues with events which can give you A LOT of ressources.
  • Flag+Cars : yeah, animations are mixing a little bit the Z-order of elements. I will not fix this visual bugs because I can't really afford to work more on this game (except for A bugs) and even if it's something small, because the Z-order system was very poorly designed at this time, it would take me a lot of effort to fix! Sorry about that :/

New build uploaded, the issue should be fixed

Hello Belug,

A new build is online, tell me if it's working when you have the opportunity to test!

I didn't found anything yet on the web to fix the issue...

I uploaded a new build but nothing different regarding Mac itself...

I will continue searching, sorry about that :/

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Thank you for the screenshot!
Can you tell me which version of OSX you are using, I will dig into the problem

Hello MoonLightAbby,

I did some correction and build for all platform.
Please download the new build and tell me if it works better now (it's a zip file so you need to extract before running the app).

Hey guys, 

There is another thread about this issue:

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Hello guys, 

A new build has been uploaded on Itch (windows, mac, linux), I corrected many small elements, I'm not sure it will solve the problem, if someone can test and tell me here or on Discord.

Your save should be safe and if I corrected the issue it should pass the mission you are stuck directly.

I also take the time to do minor fixes there and there:

- rework of some UI
- switch the resolution to 1920x1080 instead of 1024x760
- added splash screen
- added a "click behind a popup close it" on main menu.

Hello MoonLightAbby, 

Did you managed to make it work ?

I have another bug to fix tomorrow so I may rebuild the mac version as well and try to correct this issue as well.

Please keep me informed.

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Hello guys, 

Very nice to see a lot of players "coming back" on my first game, it was only just a year ago but it seems very far.

I will try my best tomorrow to fix the issue.

I will post on Discord, Twitter and here to keep you updated.

Hello guys,

The game was released more than a year ago so I can't promess I will be able to fix it but I will do my best.

I don't know if you will receive notifications from this comment. 

Feel free to join the Discord:

I would be happy to help with my game, please add it to the bundle, best regards

Cold Coffee Studio

Do you plan to release png of each elements with different views for 2D games ? front and isometric ?