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Very Very similar to "Very VeryValet".

Pretty cool anyway

pretty interresting, 

I thought that would have a boss fight in the end. 

the blood puddles are marching squares?


HOLY SHIT, such a hell of experience!
I felt fear, I did give up, anxiety and relieve! and the end I even questioned myself, the voice... and switched to beacon 1...

My only point would be to make it shorter and in the end show the map and you bump around

I'm also looking for it

Pretty awesome. Competent work. Good work

Awesome game! the jump that Nic Magnier mentioned was the big challenge from the game.

A lot of potential here.

Was Tintin from super Nintendo an inspiration?

Was Tintin from super Nintendo an inspiration?

Good game! sorry for Mark being a noob during the live

Really interesting concept!

No download?

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Man I would love 6 or 8 players support

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We did play more than half hour... more than 10 matches for sure. no new maps. On those 10 matches, we did get stuck on the empty screen 3 times.
I would love to test the new maps, can I do something to get then?
I did use the windows build... 

Yeah! now I just curious about the "worm doors" ideia.

By the way, the eating worm was any relation with the "suck in" effect worm door suggestion?

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Hello! I so happy with the update! 

However, We were unable to access the new maps. Only the 5 from the image above show up. So, no cool eating  worm for us =(

The Axe was a nice addition, my party just loves it. An item which creates ground, just like the axe would be a nice solution for the "far away islands" problem.

So, only the worm door warps arrows around? I thought that all the wall worm would do that. is there a reason why some wall worms look some different?

Being able to increase the max score was great too!

For some reason, sometimes "rematch" option causes the game to get stuck in an empty screen.

Anxious to see what will come next.

Thank you guys by the awesome game.

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Man, me and my friends play couch games every Friday. I found about your game on ask game dev and it was love at first sight. we had a blast playing the game.

Amazing concept, full of funny moments and high competitive. A mix of bomberman, zelda and maybe goof troop. Really impressed! Seriously, you got a really good product in your hands. 

The game night anxious to see that will come next in the game. 

Keep up with the good work 

Morar players!!!

A Clever game, for sure

Oh my, that ending!  I couldn't have been more shocked! I literally couldn't move  for some minutes.

A masterpiece, totally a masterpiece. for sure.

BTW, I'm also surprised to see many people try to cry in front of the husband...  

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Ow, great game. There is lot of potential in this little piece, if you ask me. 

I could only find 2 equips, there are one more?

Oh god(zilla) I had such a good time with that! I laugh the whole time!  awesome concept. I would love to see a actually  game with with puzzles.

Awesome concept and game! good job!