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We did play more than half hour... more than 10 matches for sure. no new maps. On those 10 matches, we did get stuck on the empty screen 3 times.
I would love to test the new maps, can I do something to get then?
I did use the windows build... 

Yeah! now I just curious about the "worm doors" ideia.

By the way, the eating worm was any relation with the "suck in" effect worm door suggestion?

I will need to retest this then and roll a patch during the weekend. I only played 5 sets and everything seemed to work "fine" :( 

Yeah man! We wanted to test the concept of having environmental hazards, and a worm "eating" you seemed to fit the theme of this area nicely!

I tried downloading the Windows build and I was able to reproduce the bug with the two new maps not showing! This only happened on our Windows version when built from an automated script. I have updated the build with this fix. 

Thanks man, you were the only one to report this! 

However, I thought about how some people might actually never see the two maps with this kind of random approach to select scenes. I will tweak this "randomness" so all maps are played consistently! This was not an issue before because for the most part we've only had 3 maps to playtest everything, but now that we are focusing more on producing more content, it's a good time to implement this!

By the way, I played for around 45 minutes with a full party and were not able to reproduce the issue with the empty scene. I will keep an eye for this one, thanks!

The issue with the empty scene was fixed the next day :)