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Es multijugador offline!

Still going, slowly, but still going :)

Thaaaaaanks, come say hi at the discord channel!

4 Players!

Sorry for coming back after so long! We currently have this issue with Unity and Big Sur,  we will try to release a fix for this on our next update!

You should only need to run the executable, no installation is required. What OS are you on? (Windows/Mac/Linux)



Hey man, what OS were you using? I will give this a look, I think PS3 controllers should be supported but I haven't had the chance to try it first-hand.

I have played the game with PS4 controllers on Windows. What OS were you using?

Definitely interested in doing this, I think it would be amazing :)

Yes! I added support for joy-cons manually. We thought it would be really cool to see how the game would feel on these. We really want to see the game on the E-Shop for sure!!

I am glad that someone is using the keybinds!! What is your preferred layout??

I agree, I think having a way to somehow save the keybinds for a specific device would be really cool 

Nice!! I've seen people playing it through parsec as well!

Thanks dude, that is so nice to read!! I hope you can try it out with 4 players as well. It gets crazy intense!!

Thanks dude!! That's so nice to hear :) 

Did you check the settings screen? You rebind the controllers for keyboard and controllers!

Nice!! How many of you were there? 4-player party? :D

It's in the bucket list! 


Awesome, that means the game is going in the right direction!

Nice!! :D :D

Thanks dude!!! Feel free to post it in the comments of the main page :)

For now the game is local-multiplayer only!  However, a lot of people on our discord is playing it online through parsec gaming (

Thanks Rainer!! We always appreciate your feedback, and your help with the community is amazing! <3

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We are only doing local multiplayer for now!  Buuuuut we are considering migrating to online. A lot of people is requesting it!

As an alternative, for now, our community is playing online through parsecs:

Hey, thanks for trying the game! We initially tried random generation but handmade maps felt a lot better! It is still a possibility though. We also have in mind a map editor

Thaaanks, I am glad you liked it!

That would be amazing!! Keep us posted :D

Hey Moopiotio, we are currently doing testing and getting feedback of the preview build in our discord channel. You can join the channel and try the new update before it is released (

That being said, the next update should be getting released this coming weekend. It will include new maps in a castle theme and more items, stay tuned!

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Hey, I just came by to tell you that I fixed this bug you reported and it is definitely coming in next update!

Hey! Thanks for voicing this. I think it happens when you get stuck between two rocks when they start popping up. I will fix this in the next update which will be this month! And thanks for trying the game!

Hey Gobiin, we currently only support local multiplayer, but some people on our discord ( channel have started to play online through parsecs (!

I searched up Clanbomber, I did not know that game, cool!

Things slowed down a bit during March/April due to the outbreak, but we have picked up the pace again! 

Thanks for the kind words, really helps to keep motivated!

That's so cool to hear :D 

We also have a discord ( server and sometimes host online lobbies through parsecs. If you wish to give ideas for the game, feedback or just come say Hi you are welcomed :)

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Hello, there's a readme file with instructions on how to run the game. If it doesn't work, join our discord and send me a direct message, I'd be glad to help!

There's a link in the description of the game, but I will post it here as well:

Thanks man! Slow but steady progress :)

Oh man, it would be a dream! We decided to go local-only as this is our first project and wanted to keep the scope of the project possible. It is still a possibility as people continue to suggest it! 

Sometimes we host online matches through parsecgaming (think of steam remote) in our discord server, feel free to join the community to suggest new ideas/feedback or to look for people to play with online :D

The issue with the empty scene was fixed the next day :)

Thanks for the great rating by the way! <3

We've got several people mentioning this issue. So this is definitely going to happen now! Thanks for reinforcing that this is an issue! 

By the way, we recently opened up a discord where we engage with people and even send builds of the game to people as we work on the it. Feel free to  join and reach out. We also host online lobbies  through in our discord.