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I keep thinking about this game, this is the one I show people when they ask what stuff has been submitted to the jam.

Very cool, I like the art and the puzzles were engaging. Almost got stumped on the level which introduced silver turrets because I didn't realize that the area of effect explosions could be used to trigger other turrets.

It was fun to run around and I like the aesthetic. I feel like it could have ramped up a bit faster to get to the interesting parts sooner.

That was fun, kept coming back to see what was next.

Very cool idea and design, I like being able to explore. I wasn't sure how to drop through platforms exactly or where to go sometimes.

Very fun, wasn't exactly sure what the shield did but I like the concept and presentation.

Very fun, I like the deckbuilding, more cards would be interesting.

The lack of any pressing timer or aggressive enemies did make it seem like I could just wait forever until a good draw.

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Didn't seem to be able to jump, and was very confused what "abilities" are, seemed to lag a bit and then I'd die and the enemy would run round? Looks cool

Wasn't really sure how to get from one level to the next, seemed kind of random. Cool mowing animations, but felt like I had the grass pretty under control.

Fun puzzles

Oh this is an experience, I like this.