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Thank you for the input! And I've been working to make it more accessible over the past few days. For now I'll just add the note.

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My apologies. I was having trouble compiling it for Windows. But I figured it out.

This is a solid base for a game. It takes a little time to figure out what you're doing but after that it's fairly enjoyable. The game challenges you to beat the self-driving taxis. It would be nice to see some of those. It would also be nice to have some navigation. I think you should keep on going with this project.

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Nice work, lq. I didn't play this game yesterday because of some errors, but it appears you've sorted them out. I was really excited to play this one, and it definitely delivered.

Edit: should probably mention all the sound effects were about 1 second behind for me.

Cool submission. Very distinct visual style, and you nailed the depressing atmosphere it appears you were striving for.

I understand that this game is supposed to be hard, but for me at least, it wasn't the kind of hard that made me want to keep throwing myself at it until I won. Instead it just seemed to test my patience.

If you toned down the difficulty of the platforming and added longer levels with more platforming mechanics, I can see this being a really interesting full game.

This game is really cool! I think it has the potential to become even cooler if it was made clear to the player what to do. I also really appreciate that you interpreted the theme in a unique way, incorporating it into the actual mechanics instead of just creating a normal game in a vaguely future-themed environment.

Very nice! Lots of people just went with a futuristic environment for a rather ordinary game, but you actually implemented the theme into the mechanics. I really appreciate that about this game. The puzzles are balanced and feel pretty fair. I don't know if there's any major thing I would suggest changing.

This game is fun! It took me a while to figure out exactly how combining things worked (though this might be my fault for accidentally skipping a tutorial screen) but after that, it was good. If I had to give a bit of criticism, though, the music, while cinematic and thematic, got a little annoying after about ten minutes.

BTW, my high score is 40%, not to brag or anything.

This game boasts that it's a unique tower defense game. I'll admit I haven't played many tower defense games, so the uniqueness was lost on me. I'm assuming it was the fact that you actually have a playable character in this game as opposed to being a disembodied tower planting force. Because of this, though, there was definitely a lot more to keep track of in this game than a regular tower defense game, which made the whole deal a lot more hectic. Which I liked, actually. And the story, while simple, was enhanced by the storytelling devices used. The intro scroll with all the people talking on top of each other was fun.

However, I think the game is a little too hard. Ted yells helpful tips at the player while you're playing, which is nice, but it took me several deaths to figure out the cycle of play simply because Ted didn't blurt them out fast enough. Once I did figure it out, I kept dying quickly. Every alien also has way too much health. You have to build multiple towers to kill one. To remedy this, I recommend copying other tower defense games. Send some weaker enemies out first -- ones that go down in one hit from a weak weapon. Then build your way up. Additionally, once the player got hit by a single enemy, it was essentially the end for me because they would all pile up and suck my life away in seconds.

Some sound would have been nice as well.

In conclusion, this game was really interesting and pretty fun when i got the hang of it, but it had a bit too high of an entry wall.

Quite good. The music and sound effects are delightfully cheesy and it adds a certain charm to the game. An exit button would be nice, especially since the game goes fullscreen upon opening it, but it's fine.

Thanks for covering it, but it looks like you were exploiting an unintentional glitch with the collision where the player can phase through walls. I've made a post-jam version that should fix this, if you are interested.

I agree wholeheartedly. I wanted to explore the idea so much more than I was actually able to because I was stressing too much about getting the rest of it working. Sorry about the silly collision, too. I was having issues but no one I contacted knew what was going on. So I just kind of winged it. Thanks for playing.

This game is very visually stunning for a 48-hour product. Kudos, really. The music is very nice, quite peaceful. It fits the game's overall tone.

Additionally, the controls are pretty tight though I did have a few collision issues. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

Also, I appreciate your choice of game engine. ;)

I started playing and I didn't really find the charm, but as it continued, I was continually impressed with the mechanics and how they worked together.

Nice! It's clever in concept and I would definitely buy and play an expanded version.

I honestly just didn't have time to add music. I was so busy trying to get the engine working that music was basically my last concern. I agree, it feels a bit empty without it, but I didn't even realize that it would have been that much better until it was too late. As for the controls, yeah, I can't argue with you on that. I just used the default physical properties Godot would let me use.

Here's some advice on sound mixing. Let me hear the music. I could tell it was there, but it was so quiet that it was lost. The death sound was quite jarring as well, and really overpowered everything else happening. I literally winced every time I heard it.  The game was okay, but the sound needs a little help.