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Thanks for covering it, but it looks like you were exploiting an unintentional glitch with the collision where the player can phase through walls. I've made a post-jam version that should fix this, if you are interested.

I agree wholeheartedly. I wanted to explore the idea so much more than I was actually able to because I was stressing too much about getting the rest of it working. Sorry about the silly collision, too. I was having issues but no one I contacted knew what was going on. So I just kind of winged it. Thanks for playing.

This game is very visually stunning for a 48-hour product. Kudos, really. The music is very nice, quite peaceful. It fits the game's overall tone.

Additionally, the controls are pretty tight though I did have a few collision issues. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

Also, I appreciate your choice of game engine. ;)

I started playing and I didn't really find the charm, but as it continued, I was continually impressed with the mechanics and how they worked together.

Nice! It's clever in concept and I would definitely buy and play an expanded version.

I honestly just didn't have time to add music. I was so busy trying to get the engine working that music was basically my last concern. I agree, it feels a bit empty without it, but I didn't even realize that it would have been that much better until it was too late. As for the controls, yeah, I can't argue with you on that. I just used the default physical properties Godot would let me use.

Here's some advice on sound mixing. Let me hear the music. I could tell it was there, but it was so quiet that it was lost. The death sound was quite jarring as well, and really overpowered everything else happening. I literally winced every time I heard it.  The game was okay, but the sound needs a little help.