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A jam entry

Sara Sol's ParasolView game page »

Submitted by Joellikespigs (@JoelLikesPigs) with 2 days, 40 minutes before the deadline

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The character Sara, uses a Parasol. This is used for jumping, attacking, gliding, and even hanging onto edges

Third-party resources
GameMaker studio 1.4 HTML5 export


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Nice mechanics, and the platforming feels pretty good (although it could be slower to allow more time to react, now its a bit jumpy). Would be great with some levels!

Nice! It's clever in concept and I would definitely buy and play an expanded version.

The glide feels really good. I wish there was more to do with it . . . Keep working on this game! 

Awesome character design and the parasol mechanic is cool. Wish there was more finished content level wise. The exact same thing happened to me in the jam.

A really cool game. I had fun while playing, but sadly there is just one level. Would be great to have more! Do you plan to continue development?

I also like the animations of the character. Really smooth. This is something, I wasn't able to accomplish in my game.


Maybe - I had fun playing with the idea - and if given more time and some more experience I think I could flesh it out further - thank you for your kind words and checking out the project