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I have a similar bug, I assume that this doesn't really work in the web player, at least in my browser.

I finished the game. The crunch and particles when destroying blocks is very satisfying.

Congratulations on making a fun new variation on snake in one morning. Fun to play though I haven't managed to beat it yet.

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Cute and fun, I didn't get how the merging and splitting worked at first, like how the pieces will swap if you move them and they are next to each other, but I got used to it later, that they have to both be moving onto the same middle tile to merge.

This is an interesting little idea. It takes some thought to find the sets.

Nice game. I would like if the doors and buttons had linked symbols or colours, as you can't tell which buttons activate which doors except through trial and error.

Interesting puzzle game. I got 4/6 deaths, I couldn't work out the purposes of the lever next to the statue, the lightning or the hammer. I will have to finish the game later.

Great game. I didn't always know what to do but I managed to finish the game. I enjoyed the first puzzle.

Great artwork. The loops started to feel slightly repetitive once all the demons had been introduced as the stage layout doesn't change, but the gameplay was good and continued to be fun the whole way through.

This game is well made and fun. I liked how the music gets faster when you are close to dying.

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Well done on telling a complete story in a game jam game, and the art is great.

I like the lighting effect when in ghost form. The game is a bit buggy, sometimes I would be stuck in a platform when switching from ghost form, though I could get out by switching twice more and you can jump after dying (this is obviously not a big deal). I would have liked if there were checkpoints as I did feel discouraged to keep playing when I would have to run all the way back to where I died last time.

Not good unfortunately as there is no way to win or lose. Keep learning and making games. 

A fun and creative game. Not really related to the theme though.

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Thanks for the feedback. I did a poor job with the graphics this jam. Everything was a coloured square until the last couple of hours. :)

The game looks great but feels buggy. Sometimes my character would get stuck when walking along flat ground and the character would sometimes die when in mid air or just standing on a normal block. I will come back and finish this game later.

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Wonderful game. Thank you for making it.

I decided to stop on floor 40. I enjoyed the variety of floors and reading what the people on each floor would say.

Very nice addition to the dice rolling puzzle genre. The frosted glass is a great visual touch.

Good game. An interesting variation on tetris.

This was a fun score based challenge. A different take on the die rolling genre.

This is a good expansion of the snake formula.

This is one of the best versions of these mechanics in the jam. I am impressed with the level variety and the card moves that offer mechanical variety. The game also has a great visual style.

This game is fun to play around with for a few minutes. It's very creative and the animation is great. I could see this idea expanded into a longer game with more scenes, as the story of a man who makes his choices by dice roll.

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I had the same issue as others with being unable to complete the second level due to the game not recognising my 7s. I think this is a very creative idea, shame it is a bit broken.

Conkratulacions on making one of the games in the jam.

Great presentation, and it's nice that you can solve the puzzles in different ways. The dice would sometimes appear to be slightly inside of the ground or slightly rotated, but this didn't effect the gameplay so wasn't a big problem.

Entirely based on luck and what happens when you roll is similar for each number, just killing different zombies. If keeping the game luck based, it would be better if the numbers had different effects, for example rolling a 6 could kill all the zombies.

Thanks for the response, I didn't think to change the settings. Changing the shadow quality to low fixed the FPS issue for me.

Something that may be relevant is when on medium shadow quality a message appears in the top left that says "Virtual Shadow Map Page Pool overflow detected.

Good game. The rule where you have to get the side greater than or equal to the enemy side is a good idea. It allows for less frustration and a slower difficulty ramp than when you have to get a particular side every time. The presentation was good. I especially liked the cube explosion effect and screen shake.
I was confused when the levels looped around at the end and would have preferred if the game notified me I had finished all the levels.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the lack of sounds is a detriment to the game. I will prioritise sound higher in future jams. 

The game looks good. The game runs at low FPS. It is odd that you shoot where the character is facing and not where your mouse is looking. I couldn't tell that I was shooting at first as there is no sound effect for shooting.

Excellent game. Platforming was tricky but very satisfying when I pulled off a jump. The game also looks and sounds great.

Good art. I love the background on the game page. On the other hand The gameplay is a bit too random.

A fun platformer game. It was interesting in the beginning, sometimes I would stop when on a good number, risking the void getting closer in order to avoid a downgrade. Once you have a reasonable jump height and speed it's just a straight shot to the end.

Great cover image. I got to a level where no dice fell from the sky and groups of enemies spawned in groups ages apart. I then walked into a rock and died. Before that the game was quite fun.

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I assume not many people have played the game due to it just showing an error if they don't have the latest java. There is likely a way to package a java application with an included runtime, or package it up with an installer for java.

The game itself was very confusing and I did not know what was happening at first, as the dragon teleports around, but I was able to beat it. Also, the background was blurry as it was a lower resolution than the sprites.

Keep making games. The more you make, the better you will get.

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I beat it. Having no givens means that it is not really much of a puzzle, as you can just shift the numbers by one each row.