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A realistic HALLOWEEN  pumpkin, I really enjoyed making it, hope you like it!!!


- Low Poly 3d Models - Demo Scene Included - Cars, Buildings, Props and road

Pack Includes:

- 2 Props - 3 Vehicles - 7 Buildings - 3 types of road - Demo Scene 

 This is my first Asset pack and I'm really proud of it, it took me 2 weeks of work to  3d model, HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!

This is a  small game I made about Michael Reeves, a comedy tech YouTuber. It's a side scroller 3d game. In this game you play as Michael(in a car), tazing everything he hates.

The main enemies are: tomatoes, YT Copyright sign, turtles, Da Vinci Robots.

You might think these are silly enemies or that is a silly game overall, and you are right.

Hey, I have my own gamedev YT channel, I started it  around 2 months ago and I have around 10 videos out, however it's not growing that much, and I'm really trying to get feedback to improve my videos, so if you want to help me out maybe check out my channel and leave some feedback(not necessarily via YT comment, you can do it via twitter, reddit,, anything).

Link to the channel:

The jumping feels really nice, and the game idea is pretty cool, NICE GAME!! 

Oh ok, thanks for the feedback, I'll try to modify the movement script so that the movement of the player feels a little better

Thank you

If you have time, could you check out my game for the weekly game jam 147 and give me some feedback, it's called Gloom

This is a very smart mechanic, you could maybe add more complex/detailed graphics, cool game

This is a game I made for the Weekly Game Jam  147, the theme was: 'Invisible'. 

The theme interpretation:

The goal in this game is to get back the  light which was stolen and to enlighten every place a bit at a time. It's a 2d Platformer,  you are the  only light(the enemies have a small red light but it's just to make them stand out from  the backgorund), the platforms are invisible, and they become visible only when you land on them, red arrows indicate that a platform is near you, but you have no saying on how big they are.

This is a Game Jam game, but if you have any suggestions on how to improve  it I'll be happy to read them and add them to the game

Travel through levels as a cute character, avoid enemies, enlighten the world,  and most importantly have fun!!

I am sorry for fixing this so late, but I ran into some problems, I fixed it now

Really cool game, especially the weapon upgrade, you could  assign the player and the enemy different sprites that look  like a spaceship, maybe?

Really nice game, you could add a background music, maybe?

Really cool game, the particle  effects look really good, the game is not that easy though

Wow, you made this in only 7 days, that's amazing man!!

Cool game, it would be cool if you added an options menu for the volume

no problem



no problem

very nice gameplay and sound

Nice game, I like the graphics, maybe you could add sound effects for when you repair

The concept is really smart, the game is cool, could you add an options menu to lower the sound, because it's really loud?

The graphics are cool and the shooting sound is very satifying, really nice game.

Sometimes when I press  the 'A' or 'D'  keys the characters starts moving on its own left or  right and I am not able to stop it

The graphics  are really cool and the eating sound is very satisfying, it would be cool if you added an easy, medium, difficult mode

Nice game, I really love  the graphics, you could add more objects to the scene to make the game harder maybe.

Cool game though

Nice game, the graphics are amazing and the movement feels very good, but in my opinion the enemies move a little too fast though .

Good job, keep it up

I solved the problem, there's now a windows  version

(1 edit)

Sorry, I just realized I made a mistake, I am uploading the windows version now

WELCOME TO THE SATURN SIMULATION, this simulation will help you learn about the planet by having fun.

Kill as many aliens as you can and try to get at the end of the level alive and get the money bag.

The simulation levels are divided into 3 sections: in Saturn's capital city in 2300, inside the rocks that form Saturn's ring, and in a secret place underneath the planet.

Press play to start your game, levels are randomly generated, you finish the level if you secure the bag(get the  money bag).

This is an educational game which I made for a science project. No progress is saved when you quit the game, just try to finish as many levels as you can in a row before you eventually die.