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Thanks a lot my friend!!!😅  hope to improve it and add more elements soon!!!

Ok, escribeme en el correo o

Hola! depende de que necesitas y cuanto tiempo dispongo para hacerlo, estoy un poco comprometido con el tiempo.

Thanks to you! 

Thanks to you too 👍 

Hi yes! that will be fantastic! i think its absolutelly possible.

Amazing game!!! Congrats

Hope you enjoy!  :-) 

It's a super cute assets pack Iove it!!.

Glad you like it! 😊

hi! It's a game made in Godot Engine using the restrictions of the Megadrive for a Jam, so there it's not a real ROM.

This game rocks!! Thanks for share 😁

Nice game!! really awesome pixel art and execution love it, i should mention that music its fantastic entertained and original.

Amazing game rafa! pro level! love the presentation, audio, graphics, physics.... and all based in a very simple concept, congrats!.   

Very nice!! music and sfx are awesome, pixel art can improve but time is a limitation as in any jam.

thanks!!! i really appreciate it  :)

Nice platformer game love the art and its very fun to play! 

Thank you for testing really appreciate ! Will keep working on it 😊

Its a fun game! could improve effects a little but has potential to become a complete game congrats!.

Interesting concept well done! love the art and music. 

Thanks mate! 😉

Very nice game and pixel art! Congrats :).

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Thank you very much! will check that!

Man i liked a lot!!! beautiful art and the color pallete a delight, liked teh gameplay too amazing job man!

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thank you! yes its related the story its about a sorcerer that its trying to steal a power gem to increase your power (clearly, not the typical hero) and wen it does problems starts! its just that some issues in the middle (family thing) and the short time lead me to not be able to do develop the story properly, but i will continue after the jam over.

Liked a lot your pixel art nice game!.

Thanks a lot! Will keep updating these and be sure will be more!

I like it! very nice pixel art maybe you miss some vfx but there a potential full comercial game there!.

Thanks a lot! 😀

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Thank you!! You are very kind 😀

Thanks!! I will add it!, just the lack of time and some problems in the middle are limitating the job, howhever i will continue the work until all get done ;).

Well same here but i will try something will came up for sure.

Hey Eli glad to see you again !

A complete pack of assets ready to use. 

Contains scrollable background of 5 layers, in resolution 320x180.

A 16x16 pixel tileset with vegetation, spikes and a tree included.

1 player character and 3 enemies fully animated, also include 3 shoot animations and one explosion.

You can use in any comercial or personal proyect.

2d pixel art Asset Pack

Normal maps and lights are amazing! love the gameplay and the attack effect, incredible all that you make in a short time!. 

Thanks! 😀


Very nice! i was just one step to choose the same game to make the retrojam!.

Thank you! glad you like it :)