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Do you ever discover a game and find it highly amusing but then have a hard time thinking of who you might recommend it to?

This has been one of my most anticipated games for some time, and it's exceeding my expectations. I'm really enjoying the exploration, atmosphere, and scale.

I'm interested in this. 

This is intense. Very nice work.

I don't really play mobile games, but I've made an exception for this one. 

Really enjoying this game. I got one ending so far (not a happy one). The cheat codes are nice to have as an option, since I'm not any good at isometric platforming. 

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In case you didn't yet track down this issue, it's in the room Hurry Up. If you hit the ceiling you end up in a room titled "Separated" but with nothing but darkness. It seems you must quit and reload the game to escape. 

Every one of these is great. I particularly like Drool, Blood, and Ears. Excellent soundtrack, too. 

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I wish more video games were experimental and evocative like this. 

A charming game with good music and more depth than you might think.

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Quite an experience. I really like the sound, scale, and mystery.

Nice and atmospheric. I think I explored everything but it's hard to be sure.

Very nice work. I played about half the game and was going to quit for the night when one of the generators was giving me a little trouble but I couldn't resist opening it back up and finishing it.