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Glad you liked it - and thank you for the feedback! It really means a lot <3

this is incredible - solid outside the box thinking <3

this actually restored my faith in the idea that video games can be art

Thanks for the feedback! yeah, i think a bit more difficulty or complexity could have gone a long way

Thanks for the feedback! I think a big mistake i made in this game was lack of mechanical complexity or extra difficulty, as i focused too heavily on atmosphere. Design wise, i originally though of this as an audio only game, but added 2d graphics (which i think it may have been better without) and intended for the player to never see the creature. I updated a new version with reduced field of view to better represent this

Thanks! I think having another mechanic to defend the player was definitely something that was lacking, and would have improved it a lot

Thanks for the feedback! I posted a new version with a tutorial and a bit clearer gameplay, it wasnt explained very well in the first version. (the goal is to collect a key and escaped through the locked door, but if you move your character when the monster is near you, it will attack you

Great game concept! I really liked the idea of closing your eyes to let Mopsa hide, it really built immersion and buy in to the game. I think that with some tweaking the movement could be really good (the S-D-E keys are a bit funky, and made it hard to move) but I really liked the camera shake to imply walking. I also love the menu screen and music, i think it would be good to put some music (even the same menu music) into the game while playing (maybe at a low volume), to provide extra ambiance. Solid work!

Can't play since i'm on OSX, but based on the description in the game page i think the design is a nice creative take on the theme

Can't play because I'm on a mac, but listened to the .ogg files and the music is a bop! Excellent job with that and the sfx

Great game! Some feedback: 

I really loved the idea and the implementation, using blind mans bluff for this jam was a really good choice, and I think it fits the theme to a T. The audio really pulled me in and made me reason as if i was there. The menu music and art was also awesome.

I think an area that could be changed up would be the controls, i think rotating fit the game nicely, since it is a direction based game, but i think if you could more easily tell which direction you are facing it could help increase immersion and decrease frustration.