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Peekaboo was made 9 years ago so considering that I'm impressed people still find it neat.  I was 15 years old at the time.

Wow, thank you!  I don't expect to get much attention at this point but it is a pleasure when it happens.  I am actually currently replacing all the music so that I can consider a release on Steam (and put an optional payment on itch.io).  Legally speaking there is licensing issues with the music currently used (course no money involved so nobody cares).  The writing was actually completely rewritten about a year ago I think so you're reading the second draft.

I get a lot of variance on feedback for the art.  Frankly a lot of it was "cheating" by painting over reference photos and altering things from the photo as to avoid copyright.  The art was done years ago back in my first year of college (about 6 years now).

If you'd like a slightly more modern title I made (more or less at the same time as this one) I recommend Haven, which is in the summer steam sale for 49 cents right now: http://store.steampowered.com/...

And I am making a new game in my spare time (these are all passion projects to me) called Duel, an RPG in a gladiator setting without levels, XP, magic, or healing to name a few unique things about it.