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Thank you! Yeah, we figured randomizing outfits a bit would help keep things fresh :D

Sorry about that! It’s odd, what operating system are you using?

Awesome, thank you so much!

Oh yeah ? Check this out : :P

Thank you so much for the kind words!

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This is so cool haha! Don't hesitate to join our Discord ( to share your experience with the game with us!

Thank you so much! We actually had 2 "multiplayer" modes built for an event but they're not in this build. You comment definitely makes us want to revisit those haha!

Oooh, we're really sorry about that! There are so many quirks with controller support it's crazy, there's nothing normalized. Really sorry it's behaving this way with your controller, and thank you so much for your compliments!

We won't get onto this problem right away, we're currently planning our exact roadmap and future improvements to the game, but it'll be one of our top priority fixes obviously!

Thank you so much!

LibGDX! But under the hood it's indeed using OpenGL :)

Thanks a lot and thanks for this collection, it'll help people a lot I think in finding cool games!

Thank you so much for including Hair Dash in your collection  ♥

You're absolutely right, we should have mentioned it on the game's page! We fixed that, thank you for bringing it to our attention :)

Oh right, sorry about that it's definitely an oversight! We'll look into that! 

In the meanwhile you can start the game through the desktop-1.0.jar file, our executables are just shortcuts that ultimately run this JAR file (which should run under any distro & OS)

We had a pretty cool special multiplayer mode coded for an event (the Japan Expo in 2019 in Paris), and it was fairly successful! 

As part of our planning for this PC version we will absolutely consider what kind of multiplayer & social options we can give players! Don't hesitate if you have suggestions about that, it's actually quite hard coming up with coherent multiplayer/coop features that would work well with the gameplay!

Hey there, right now the development is on hold as we were finalizing the mobile version of the game (which came out a few days ago). It's very different from this PC prototype.

Now that the mobile version released, we are working on getting plans ready for the PC & consoles versions of the game (estimating what we want to see in them, financing, etc). So we'll share more news about this soon!

Hey, could you elaborate a bit on this? Did you encounter an issue with the game on Linux? It might be an oversight on our end! (we use both Windows & Mac)

We'd like to submit our PC prototype, Hair Dash :
As well as our most successful gamedev asset :

Thank you for this initiative!