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Thank you for playing and making a video !
Indeed playing on keyboard is not the best way to enjoy the game ^^

On the character selection screen, after you validated the character, press "i" to see the controls list.
From there you can even reassign controls if you want ;)
But you'll see that the game is really meant to be played with controllers, you'd enjoy much more CHOP if you test it with a gamepad !

Thank you very much, the video is really cool !
I don't know if you noticed that we're currently running a Kickstarter campaign, it would be so cool if you could share it with your viewers and friends :)

Wow awesome, thank you so much !

In the final version of the game there will be 2 unique Grab Kills per character ;) 

Maybe more depending on the success of the Kickstarter campaign !

Currently they are not random : a different Grab Kill is triggered whether you are on the floor or in the air. But if we have the budget to do extra sequences they will be chosen randomly. 

We also plan on making different moves / idle animations for each character. You're right about the fact that this kind of details can make a big difference on the overall quality of the final product ;)

Thank you so much :)

Thanks :)

Thank you !
I played Grav, really loved the pixel art and overall atmosphere. A solid jam entry :)

Thank you ! <3

Think of Towerfall on steroids. Mix it with DOOM and Mortal Kombat, then add more steroids to it.

CHOP offers a pure local multiplayer experience, halfway between party games and competitive fighting games.

If you have some friends and gamepads on hand, don't wait any further, go and try the demo !