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CHOP - A bloody, visceral local multiplayer game

A topic by Claws Up Games created Mar 10, 2018 Views: 378 Replies: 8
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Think of Towerfall on steroids. Mix it with DOOM and Mortal Kombat, then add more steroids to it.

CHOP offers a pure local multiplayer experience, halfway between party games and competitive fighting games.

If you have some friends and gamepads on hand, don't wait any further, go and try the demo !

Damn that looks super professional! Will try it with my brother when we see again.

Thank you !
I played Grav, really loved the pixel art and overall atmosphere. A solid jam entry :)


Super dig the little cinematic moments and cartoon text, makes it look like a manga hahah :)

Except much more action packed and gory

Thanks :)


Looks great, I just featured you on the homepage.

Wow awesome, thank you so much !