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Yes i agree 100% that a female character is a must:-)!

It didnt update the screenshots on itch and noticed that there isnt even one with the female option...XD
But actually i added the girl some time ago becasue many ppl wished for a female character:

Here it is:

Day 25 - Ice blob
What could be better than walking through a winter wonderland? But watch out! This blob is having fun freezing things... Well, in summer he can cool your drinks.

Day 24 - Celestial blob
Stories are told that on the night of the shooting stars a blob egg will fall from the sky, carrying a miracle...
Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!

Day 23 - Pumpkin blob
On the night of the "Spooky Moon Festival" this blob roams trough Clover Town.
I chose this blob for today for some nightmare before Christmas vibes.

Day 22 - Dragonfly blob
This blob is very rare. With luck you can find it at wild lakes. But it is shy and before you know, it is gone...

Day 21 - Flower bunny blob
This blob is stronger than it looks! Its magical blossom attacks can get even the strongest trainers in trouble...

Day 20 - Crow blob
Better put up a scarecrow! Otherwise, this blob will eat your crops...

Day 19 - Storm starter blob
At the beginning you can choose one of the three starter blobs! What type will you pick - Forest, Storm or Magma?

Day 16 - Angler blob
If you like fishing, this blob is your best companion. He can attract fish with its light.

Day 17 - Bomb blob
This blob has a very high attack power. But it's not only useful in battle. With its ability "Explosion" it can help you remove barriers or gather raw materials fast.

Day 18 - Poo blob
This blob is very kind and often tries to get close to people. However, to its surprise, people avoid it... If only they knew that its ability "Fertilizer" is very useful for growing plants

Day 13: Pig blob
This blob may not be the best fighter, but it has an excellent nose and can dig up delicious mushrooms.

Day 14: Turtle blob
Although this blob is rather slow moving, many trainers choose it for battle. Due to its hard shell, it can withstand a lot of hits!

Day 15: Bat blob
You can find this blob mainly in caves. With its special soundwaveSpeaker with three sound waves ability it can help you catch bugs by confusing them.

Day 12: Magma starter blob
At the beginning you can choose one of the three starter blobs! What type will you pick - Forest, Storm or Magma?

Day 11: Moon cat blob
Some believe this blob came from the moon...
A tribute to the favorite childhood series of the dev.

I am happy you like it! Thank you so much for playing♥! I love Pokemon and Harvest Moon myself so this are huge inspirations for me.

Day 10: Bee blob
This small blob feels most at home in flower meadows and usually lives in larger swarms. It is friendly but bravely defends its hive when it has to.

Day 9: Hedgehog blob
Despite its spikes this blob is friendly but above all curious. It often plunders backpacks of resting hikers when they aren't looking.

Day 8: Mushroom blob
Keep your eyes open when you go mushrooming in the forest! This little guy may not be the strongest, but you should be careful of his poisonous attacks!

Day 7: Demon blob
Even the best trainers have difficulties to defeat this blob. Its fiery skills can wipe out your entire team with just one blow.

Day 6: Forest starter blob
At the beginning you can choose one of the three starter blobs! What type will you pick - Forest, Storm or Magma?

Day 5: Tiger Blob
This blob is hard to train and makes a lot of mischief. If it accepts you as a trainer it is a loyal companion and a strong fighter.

Day 4: Butterfly Blob
This small and curious blob loves fragrant things! Maybe you can lure it if you plant many flowers on your farm...

Day 3: Crab blob
It doesn't like to be disturbed. Stories are told of badly mauled treasure hunters who came too close to it on the beach...

Day 2: Penguin blob
This friendly, but also a little clumsy blob, feels most comfortable in the winter season Frigus.

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I've prepared something special for you!

A blob advent calendar - Each day we open a door together!

Day 1: Cow blob
It's not very strong in battle, but it can produce fresh milk.

Thank you so much for recording you playing! 
The video is really nice!♥

Really fun game!

Who can beat my score?

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback and playing ♥ !!

Haha, yes thats a bug with the blobs and the Hp raising so much lol* I will go trough each of your remarks and improve for the final game! YOu have some really fat blobs with 2k HP lol* :-P

You helped me a lot by playing the tech demo and writing so much feedback and finding bugs! I will do my best for the final game to improve most of the issues and use your ideas!

Cheers Claudia

Ja, das Spiel kommt auch auf PS4 und PS5! Ich tu mir mit English auch immer so schwer haha*

Hello Hasi! Thank you so much for playing!

The battle speed will be improved a lot and there will be probably even a speed modus similar to the FF8 remaster. Thank you for pointing this out!

I will make the day night cylcle a bit longer, now its really short:-D  But i have to be careful because one main mechanic is that the days arent so long and the player has to decide/plan what he does on which day.

The game will be released on Switch! There will be a Kickstarter in February where you can also get some special and exclusive things regarding the Switch version! When Kickstarter launches it would also help me a lot if you tell some friends who also might be interested in this game.

PS: bist du auch aus Deutschland:-) ?

It will be released on all major consoles , including Nintendo Switch!

For the tech demo you can try to set the settings on your laptop to lowest and lower the resolution. Maybe it will run fast enough.

Thank you so much for playing and making a Lets Play video! I really like it!

Thank you so much for playing the new demo! I am happy you noticed the improvement ♥! Still a lot more to work on... Dont worry i will not change the animation. I love how the blobs just fall over myself tooXD

I am happy you enjoyed playing!! Thank you so much for this nice feedback. If you notice anything you think could be improved dont hestitate to tell me.

Thank you so much for playing! 

I will improve the balancing of the battle difficulty!
Your feedback helps a lot and i hope you will give it another chance in the next demo.

You need revenge after all ;-)!

Oh that's so cool!!! Can you send me the link to your channel so i can share it on Twitter  before the stream starts?

I forgot to put the bees in lol* this is a actually a bug... ahhh* i am so sorry:-(!!

Thank you for explaining this helps a lot!

I will show the variety of characters in the next promotional material better!
My Kickstarter launches in February and for that i am working hard to put all things together and preparing a lot

If you have some time left maybe you try the tech demo and leave me some feedback to improve?

Hello! Thank you for your Feedback!

Jade and Ruby being twins has a lot of impact on the story. There are also over 10 bachelors in total which look totally different and  most of them most will be revealed the following months.  So i hope this "lazy" impression will not come up.

What do you  mean with 

"If you want to keep the game world that way (because it does add to the story) that’s fine. But maybe you shouldn’t put that part into your promotional material"

So i shouldnt show both sisters together becasue they are looking too similar?

Hi Konitama,

You dont have to be sorry writing "negative" things. I made the tech demo to get feedback and improve so you really help me! Thank you so much!

I think i didnt balance the battles so well for the tech demo and it seems they are a bit too hard. 
For the final game i will balance things better. I will also make the battles feel faster and make the duration of attacks shorter and add maybe a skip option like you suggested!

I will add a different movement so the camera doesnt rotate when  you go left and right and test out if this option works better for players. Thank you for pointing that out!

Nature area:
The things dont regrow when you mine them  but i assume because its so crowded you got that feeling. I also check if it isnt a bug or something. The area is your whole farm and in the final game you have many other things to do and also get better tools and blob abilities to mine faster. So its like a big side quest if you want to expand your farm and not such a central task like in the tech demo where you cant do many other things. 

I will check this out why the arrow key doenst work for up. Its probably a bug.

Thank you so much for taking time and trying and leaving me such detailed feedback! It really helps me a lot!