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3rd Tech Demo - Feedback and Questions Locked

A topic by ClaudiaTheDev created Oct 01, 2020 Views: 441 Replies: 14
This topic was locked by ClaudiaTheDev Jan 17, 2021
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Post everything regarding the 3rd tech demo here!

Or here on Discord:

Hey Claudia! The game is looking great! I had a chance to briefly play the tech demo and here are my thoughts:
- I have to agree with others in the previous demo comments that the camera movement is odd. I wasn't expecting the camera to rotate as I moved left/right. It feels very claustrophobic like we are confined to this small area and being watched instead of the camera just pinning to the player's position and rotating with the mouse. I don't think any camera rotation should be tied directly to movement, but maybe that's just my personal feeling

- I tried the monster battle with my 3 slimes and it seemed alright but I was sort of disappointed/discouraged when in the first move, all 3 enemy slimes attacked first and instantly defeated one of my slimes before I ever had a chance to attack. I'm all for challenging fights but this feels a bit unfair for a brand new player to experience. I would expect any single full health slime to survive at least one turn of attacks even if it was being focused by all 3 enemies. At least so I can plan a defense and heal it and learn that I should have blocked or something.

It really discouraged me from wanting to continue battling because I was already basically doomed at the start and felt powerless. I also couldn't flee so I was stuck watching my opponent slowly eat away at my slime's life bars until they were all wiped out, and that was grueling and not fun at all. Not the best way to leave a player feeling in their first actual battle, for sure.

- Maybe it's just for the tech demo, but I felt the nature area was a bit crowded and had so much stuff that even though I ran around chopping/breaking and collecting stuff, it didn't feel like I made any sort of dent at all, and I'm not sure if it was resetting each day or what... but I think it could have been better if I felt my actions had some permanence to the world... like there was only so much stuff there to harvest resources from and then I'd have to explore. As of now it felt more like I just had to do extra work to get an endless supply of materials right around my house.

- I think I had an issue when using the chest where I couldn't press up on the keyboard to go back to the top of the chest inventory... it would only let me go down or left/right I believe.

- One last note about the battling... I hope there is a way to disable attack animations or speed them up or something in the future because while it's nice to have them there, I don't think anyone is going to really want to sit through every attack animation from start to finish over and over for possibly hundreds of battles. It might help just to make the turns more brief and to the point. I'm not sure the camera needs to necessarily cut to a different angle of each monster as they attack. I think they could just attack quickly from the stationary camera and that would be fine. I feel like the attacks could all be about 4x faster. It was especially painful with as I mentioned above... me being basically forced to lose and watch every attack animation in full.

Sorry for listing basically a lot of complaints/gripes... Just wanting to help make the game better! It's looking great so far though. The overall appearance and majority of the interfaces/controls are very smooth and look great.


Hi Konitama,

You dont have to be sorry writing "negative" things. I made the tech demo to get feedback and improve so you really help me! Thank you so much!

I think i didnt balance the battles so well for the tech demo and it seems they are a bit too hard. 
For the final game i will balance things better. I will also make the battles feel faster and make the duration of attacks shorter and add maybe a skip option like you suggested!

I will add a different movement so the camera doesnt rotate when  you go left and right and test out if this option works better for players. Thank you for pointing that out!

Nature area:
The things dont regrow when you mine them  but i assume because its so crowded you got that feeling. I also check if it isnt a bug or something. The area is your whole farm and in the final game you have many other things to do and also get better tools and blob abilities to mine faster. So its like a big side quest if you want to expand your farm and not such a central task like in the tech demo where you cant do many other things. 

I will check this out why the arrow key doenst work for up. Its probably a bug.

Thank you so much for taking time and trying and leaving me such detailed feedback! It really helps me a lot!

Hey glad to hear it! I wasn't aware the area was like your entire zone so it's probably okay that it is so crowded then. I thought for some reason you'd be able to go harvest more stuff elsewhere so that's the only reason I felt that starting spot was so crowded. If that whole space is like your "farm land" then that's totally fine. :)

Glad to hear about the changes! I hope the camera thing works out because that was probably the number one thing that stood out to me as being a bit strange to wrap my head around. Even if there was simple an option to toggle the rotating off or something that would do the trick too!

hi Claudia the game is great I’m playing the demo with the battles the starry night is cool it gives you an option to get types of ore but why aren’t there any bees in fall 


I forgot to put the bees in lol* this is a actually a bug... ahhh* i am so sorry:-(!!

Really enjoyed a little play through of the demo. Looks to be a very addictive and cute game. I did get destroyed in my first fight beyond the tutorial! 


Thank you so much for playing! 

I will improve the balancing of the battle difficulty!
Your feedback helps a lot and i hope you will give it another chance in the next demo.

You need revenge after all ;-)!

You should have different difficulties to choose from before starting the game, I personally like how the battles actually present a challenge, I've done many battles and have yet to lose one and each one has been thrilling and fun. I love the style of this game and I feel it has incredible potential. Please keep up the good work, I greatly look forward to seeing what other features are available in the game. I like games where you can grind for months and still feel like you are actually progressing rather than just getting a ridiculous amount of gold just to watch it sit in your bank with nothing to spend it on. I can't wait for the next demo!

Hello Claudia, the game looks very cute and i have a lot of fun with the demo. The battles are very interesting, i wish it had a optional speed modus and the
enemies have an icon with the element they have. Please stop the negative status (poison) after battles and the day cycle is too fast, the time speed is too fast for me. Sorry for my bad english :-) When the game release on switch, i would buy it. Thanks, it a great game.


Hello Hasi! Thank you so much for playing!

The battle speed will be improved a lot and there will be probably even a speed modus similar to the FF8 remaster. Thank you for pointing this out!

I will make the day night cylcle a bit longer, now its really short:-D  But i have to be careful because one main mechanic is that the days arent so long and the player has to decide/plan what he does on which day.

The game will be released on Switch! There will be a Kickstarter in February where you can also get some special and exclusive things regarding the Switch version! When Kickstarter launches it would also help me a lot if you tell some friends who also might be interested in this game.

PS: bist du auch aus Deutschland:-) ?

Hallo Chaudia, ja bin auch aus Deutschland  😀.  Hätte ich das gewusst hätte ich dir auf deutsch geschrieben. Kommt das Spiel auch für die PS4? 

Liebe Grüsse Hassi1988


Ja, das Spiel kommt auch auf PS4 und PS5! Ich tu mir mit English auch immer so schwer haha*

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Hi Claudia,

just played 3rd demo for some time. Here are my notes I make, maybe will be useful for you:

- The grid on/off toogle should have some keyboard shortcut. Maybe simple "G". I would not recommend "#", not everyone has english keyboard. But on the other side, I don't know if "G" is suitable in other languages.

- I would appreciate "catch to grid" when building, so my garden would be perfectedly lined up :)

- When I left the cave, camera is looking towards cave, but it should look towards home.

- Heart fruit is missing its description.

- When I press heart fruit, it makes jam (strawberry). From strawberry I can do nothing. That's weird.

- Would be nice if I could point some blob to exact location, e.g. to make perfect use of fertilizer or sprinkler.

- Sometimes when I do battle in cave (in narrow parts) the reward after winning appears on top off small "rock" and I can't reach it.

- Some of my blobs have 15000+ HP, is that ok? Is there any limit?

- I would appreciate to have "full" shop, so I can sell products to earn more money.

- And last, I somehow "bugged" the grapes seed. Because I have 2 pcs on me, but I can plant them unlimitedly, they don't disappear from my inventory.

EDIT 14 Nov - Just few more notes:

- Well, HP of my blobs exceeded 20000 HP :) They are very well feeded :)

- I think scrolling in shop and also zooming in building mode is opposite to classical use. Now it's like on touch devices, but when you use mouse it isn't intuitive.

- There are too much mushrooms and herbs, maybe they should grow rarer. Not just overnight and by each tree.

- Backpack storage is limited only by number of places, but maybe there could be the weight limit too. It would make use of a chest as well (I didn't use whole game).

- Exping of blob should have more logic, now I don't know how I earn those "points", why I have such number of attack, defend, time etc. And maybe could be harder to earn. Now I have my blob maxed, and it's less challenging.

- Also notice that when I press heart fruit, there is no animation.

- Smoke animation when melting is now like on/off. The smoke rings should fade away fluently (one by one) after melting is finished, and should appear gradually when starting melting.

- Last (for now), I would appreciate something like tree of products, to better plan my production of plants. There could be information about how long they grow, how much products you earn from one field, how much they add of health and energy, and how many do you need for making "higher" product (e.g. 5 apples for 1 apple juice).

Thanks, A.M.


Thank you so much for your detailed feedback and playing ♥ !!

Haha, yes thats a bug with the blobs and the Hp raising so much lol* I will go trough each of your remarks and improve for the final game! YOu have some really fat blobs with 2k HP lol* :-P

You helped me a lot by playing the tech demo and writing so much feedback and finding bugs! I will do my best for the final game to improve most of the issues and use your ideas!

Cheers Claudia

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