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Hey the demo was great! I loved the glitchy corruption effects and the moving enemies, they way they jerk around! But I fel they need some consistency. the floaty ball enemies still have that corruption jitter even when inactive, and the up-and-down moving spike platforms ( 

) move much too fluidly. If they had a similar inactive state when stationary, and have to wait until fully active to slam up or down I think they'd work much better thematically.

It is! This project is built using Processing which has several ways to export applications. Unfortunately that build is not tested and I can't really recommend it since the lasers tend to slow the game even with good hardware when the AI fires enmasse.

Bismuth effect by coloring from normal maps.

So today I learned Processing and its 3D renderer don't support more than 8 lights. So no cool blinking probe/warning lights for me :(

A terrible half-complete skybox really sells the illusion of rotation, despite being a simple 2D image.

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menus! Which took waay too long to do. And the start of a color scheme.

Screenshot and a video recorded earlier in the day. Spaaace!