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Thank you so much! Our goal was to keep the mechanics simple, because this is our first game jam and we didn't want to overscope, so we're really happy people are having a good time playing :D   What is your high score? 👀

Nice idea and also cover really got my attention! At some point I crashed the game, probably because I created a short circuit? More levels would be nice but yeah it is difficult to get everything right in only 48h haha. Anyway, well done!

Very original concept. It took a while to figure out what to do so a description or in-game tutorial would have been nice. After I got the hang of it it was fun to play, well done!

Very cool concept! There's a few points of improvements I noticed. I like the idea of having the windows slightly offset from each other, but I think it feels a bit counterintuitive that when you place a platform, the platform shifts over a bit when switching to the other tab. Also sometimes shift doesn't seem to be recognized and the platform doesn't place. I love the simple art style and the music goes along with it very well. Good job!

Haha you sure made it seem like it 😋 but yeah when I read it it made me really wonder how you did it, because there were definitely some difficult moments during our 48h 😅

Thanks for the feedback! We agree that the balancing could maybe be better as the late game is mostly luck now rather than skill, though we have seen that practice allows for reaching scores up to 2.5 minutes 😝. As for the speed of the player as well as the question about expanding the mechanic, we had the idea to add more friends that change the abilities when they're stuck to the player. For example, some blobs may speed the player up or slow it down. While others may change the rate at which your health drains. We were also thinking of removing the laser enemies as they're too hard to predict, especially when there are so many of them. And yes, the design choice of having the haters be green was not the best of ideas 😅 Thanks again for the feedback and for playing!

Good to hear everything went so smoothly :)

I'm very impressed by how much you got done in only 48 hours! The visuals look really great and so the animations and models look so stunning! Congrats, very well done!

Glad to hear that, thank you! :)

I'm amazed at how polished this game is! I love the art and the colors go so well together, I love the sound effects and the music really fits the game too! This is also exactly the type of game that I enjoy playing, very, very well done! 😁

Very nice game! The visuals and particles look really great and nice music choice too! I also like the idea of adding boosters and how quickly they were introduced without being too overwhelming. The pacing and level design is also very well done! The physics feel really smooth. One tip though, I would probably allow the player to move even while not grounded, cause currently it feels a bit unresponsive. All in all, well done!

Wow 46 is pretty good! If you keep on trying you might reach @Gunface's record of 62 soon haha.

Yeah we tried to hint to that game mechanic by sneakily adding 'or use them to your advantage' in the description, but if we had more time we would probably add some kind of in-game hints to make it more obvious :) Instead we spent time on making all eyes move haha (priorities, we know 😝) Also try pressing 'w' for a fun little easter egg 😉

Thank you for your nice comment and for playing, glad to hear you're enjoying our game 😄

Thank you! You'll get there eventually 😋

Thank you! :)

Very nice game! I like the original concept to link your health with the environment. It was kind of confusing at first to seemingly do the same actions (ie. step on the same tiles) and sometimes die and other times survive, so as a tip I would make the health display a more prominent thing as it is kind of hard to notice right now. But other than that very well done!

Glad to hear you liked it! We do actually interpolate the movement, but I indeed notice that both the player and the friends/haters sometimes don't move as smoothly as you would like, I hope it doesn't affect the gameplay that much 😅. Thank you for the feedback and the link, we'll look into that when we continue development on the game :)

ahh awesome! I will stay tuned then 👀

Very interesting and fun puzzles, some were very challenging (in a good way!). The game is also very pleasant to look at :) (even if pre-existing art was used, the color palette and composing of the assets are very well done) I did feel like sometimes the controls were a bit confusing (resulting in accidental moves that ended up causing me to die and having to restart a level), but I was not extremely bothered by this. Overall, a great game!  

haha really fun concept and the animations and art of the squirrel and duck being tied together are so funny! I loved them so much 😊 Sadly I couldn't come very far because of game breaking bugs, but if you ever make like a second version I would definitely be interested in playing again

Very cute experience! the movement was kinda tricky, but I loved the concept and art :) The dialogue is also really really funny and cute, well done!

I love this game! Everyhing is impressive, art, music, level design, pacing. One thing I'm missing is a button to undo your last move tho, that would be a nice addition. Other than that, incredible job!

I really loved the art style of this game, a very cute and fun experience! :)

Thank you, glad to hear it's fun and engaging! We definitely agree with your comment about the lasers; we'll probably get rid of them and come up with a good replacement. We really like your suggestion about adding powerups and will add that for the next update 😄

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much!

Thank you! 😁 

heyy Jasmine, thank you! :D We were also surprised at how much we got done in 48 hours 😂 I must say 39 is a pretty solid accomplishment, it took me some time to get better at it too (tho danielle seemed to be a natural at it 🤔)

I'm impressed nontheless :D Great job and thanks again for playing!

Awesome game! The art is very nice and the puzzles are challenging enough to keep me invested, good job :D

Haha I'm impressed! Thanks again for playing :)

Thank you! So far my personal best is 160 seconds, but I'm having a hard time beating that haha. What score did you get?

Really impressed by this game! Can't believe you made this in 1 weekend :0  The music is sooo calming, I love it. Great job!

Thank you! We hope it's not too hard haha. 

Thank you :)

Thank you so much! That's  great to hear :D What's your high score? 

This was a lot of fun to play! The dwarfs are so funny and the main mechanic was used in interesting  ways, I loved the puzzles :) such a polished game! 

Thank you! :D 

My other team mates are sleeping right now, but they will be so hyped when they see this tomorrow

haha wooow I'm impressed those are some great scores! I think you also beat our other high scores 😂

😂 I think you found a great excuse