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okay that's interesting! no problem! i'm glad the problem on my end somehow was able to help you with future updates  :)

Hey man just wanted to say i did some digging around on my end and i found out i had to restart and reconfigure my audio services, the original Windows AudioService and the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder, after that it seems it fixed it! Thanks for helpin out :)

Ah yes ok, i understand, and it is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 730

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just tried that it still just crashes when i try to open up preferences :/ hopefully if there is a new update it will work.. but my specs are Windows 10, 32 gb ram, MSI motherboard, Intel Core i7-7700k  CPU @ 4.20 GHz.. thanks for trying to help out:)

hi, love this, so i have the demo and it keeps crashing each time i try to open up preferences