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Hey man just wanted to say i did some digging around on my end and i found out i had to restart and reconfigure my audio services, the original Windows AudioService and the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder, after that it seems it fixed it! Thanks for helpin out :)

That clues me into what was happening on my end. When you open the Preferences screen it rescans audio devices. I will see if I can make it safer so even if there was an issue it won't just crash. Thank you for following up!

okay that's interesting! no problem! i'm glad the problem on my end somehow was able to help you with future updates  :)

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I would guess that what's happening on ckal's machine is that some of their WDM audio drivers are enabled for Exclusive Mode, and some other application (like an audio player) is leveraging that as MiniMeters tries to rescan the devices. without an exception handler for that specific thing I assume it could result in a crash. attn: this is an educated guess, not verified fact, I don't have MiniMeters yet (will get that sorted later today though, sorry Direct).

when you work with multiple pieces of software accessing the same ASIO driver, such as DJ+VJ, DJ+DAW, or whatever, this Exclusive Mode nonsense will sometimes even interfere with that - even though it definitely shouldn't, because ASIO bypasses the WDM layer entirely. it depends on the driver as well, but the TL:DR; solution you can try is this:

make sure you uncheck this box in the advanced tab of every audio device's preferences in the sound panel.

Thanks for the reply! I'll try to induce a crash with that setting. Although, I believe the crash occurs during enumeration of the audio devices rather than any attempts to use a particular device.