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Hey! You can change the colors by copying the Direct.txt theme file to a new file like HzHz.txt and adding the following lines:

spectrum_analyzer_main: 255,90,120
spectrum_analyzer_secondary: 70, 160, 255

You an access the file by following the directions here: Make sure to rename the file as Direct.txt gets overwritten at launch.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am aware of the desire to move them to separate modules. I will consider options on how to do that correctly in v1.0. I have a few ideas how to make that user-friendly.

When you refer to width I'm unsure if you mean volume or speed. I plan to expand on both of those options in v1.0 regardless. But any insight would be helpful.

Hello, I assume you also sent a message in the Discord this morning. I am sorry you're running into issues. If you are indeed the same individual I am willing to provide support or a refund there. If you would prefer to reach out to for a refund you can do it via this page:

As I also said in the Discord server: I would recommend trying these steps if you have not already tried them:

I can also provide any support needed. I am sure we can get this working on your machine, but I would just need your PC Specs, and OS to get started there. I am willing to help here, Discord, or via my contact email:

Hey, sorry you're running into this issue. This usually happens after removing a monitor that was plugged in and had MiniMeters on it. If you follow the steps here it should correct it:

Afterwards, make sure "Reposition Offscreen Windows" is enabled in the settings and it should no longer happen. Let me know if you need additional help!

Thank you. I just released an update yesterday. Could you try deleting your settings and updating to the new version?

Hey! You can definitely edit the color of each line but there is not an option for backgrounds that match at the moment. Take a look at the Light_Shard theme. It looks like the following:

You can also create your own theme:

Hey, sorry you’re running into this. I few other Windows users pointed this out to me but I have not been able to replicate it on my Windows machines. Could you tell me what audio devices you’re using on you PC? If you’d like to reach out for more personalized support you can email me at

I’m actively looking for a solution here so any info would be helpful. Thank you!

Hey! Unfortunately on both macOS and Windows there are restrictions on apps overlaying full screen apps. For instance, on macOS they only allow menubar apps to overlay fullscreen apps. I’m working on that but it will take some time.

That's correct! If you open that plugin in your DAW and then select "MiniMeters Plugin" from the "Audio Device" section in MiniMeters' settings page you should be receiving your DAWs audio correctly.

Hey! Sorry you're running into this issue. I'm not sure what .dll files you've copied to your VST3 folder but VST3 plugins have the .vst3 extension and often appear like folders.

Please try running the installer again to ensure the plugin has installed correct. It should install to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 (Steinberg Article about this). And make sure your DAW is looking for VST3 plugins in that folder. If you're still having issues let me know.

- Joe

Hey! Sorry you’re running into that limitation. As of the current version (0.8.12) you can pop out the modules and create whatever layout you’d like. I believe disabling some modules may also allow for it to shrink more. v1.0 will have more customizable layouts that may suit your needs though.

Hey! I'm sorry you're running into issues. I'm curious what it looks like on your end as I don't have an external GPU to test with at the moment.

MiniMeters does send quite a bit of data to the GPU every frame and I assume the latency of an external GPU is the bottleneck here. I am rewriting the graphics side of things right now with the intention of better supporting external GPUs and graphics adapters without acceleration which should improve your situation. Unfortunately, I don't have an ETA at the moment but I am aiming for the next few months. If you cannot wait you're welcome to reach out at support (at)

- Joe

Hey! Sorry you're running into this. I previously had it automatically move windows back on screen when a display was disconnected, but a related issue caused me to default to turning that off. This will be fixed in the next update (0.8.13) which will be out soon.

In the meantime if you're the type to mess around with settings files you're welcome to navigate to `%AppData\MiniMeters`, open `settings.json` and add or set `"reposition_offscreen_windows" to true` Alternatively feel free to reach out on the MiniMeters Discord and I can help you modify the file, or modify it and send it back to you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

At the moment (v0.8.12) there is no way to switch which value is displayed in the Peak/LUFS meter. That will likely come in the future.

Thanks for picking it up! You can absolutely make your own theme!

I’m not sure of the capabilities of ZGameEditor. I have not experimented with it yet. But if the demo works in the way you expect then the full version should as well.

Hey! Sorry you’re running into issues. Pro Tools doesn’t support VST3 or CLAP. Unless you’re using a wrapper it definitely will not show up. I am looking into building an AAX version for Pro Tools user.

As for picking up system audio: that is only supported on macOS Ventura or newer. Apple only recently added support for that in Ventura: for alternative options see here:

Let me know if you still have issues or questions.

Yes! Click the "Pin To Top" button in the top toolbar.

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I believe I already reached out to you on Twitter, but if anyone else has the same issue please visit the following link:

Hey ray971023! I believe the version I released today (0.8.12) has addressed the issue. Please try it out and let me know!

Hey! Sorry you're running into this. Likely the window is simply offscreen. This happens when display layouts change. An easy way to fix would be to follow these instructions. This may also work however I have not personally tried it: Move offscreen windows back on screen.

You could also open the settings.json file and adjust the window position there, but the above steps should fix it. I'm looking into a better solution for this as on some systems repositioning the window automatically when it was offscreen would cause a hang so I removed that in a previous version.

Hey! Thanks for trying the demo. It sounds to me like you inserted the plug-in but did not open up the app. More Info.

If you’re on macOS it should be in the Applications folder, and on Windows you can search for it in your start menu. Let me know if that helps. 

Yeah I believe it is a bug on my end. I will look into it ASAP!

Hey. Sorry you're running into issues. I had one other user report this issue with a particular audio device. I would appreciate if you could reach out either here or at and let me know what audio device you are using. I can probably send you a test version once I identify the issue.

Hey! This is something I should definitely spend more time considering.

I will be sure to add font size adjustments in a future version. I had also not considered a condensed read out of frequency nor the inability to read the output with a larger cursor. There will also be a lot more options for overall scale and changing how modules are displayed in v1.0. Thank you for the feedback!

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At the moment of writing (v0.8.11) I am working on v1.0 which will likely have a better user experience for the Stereometer. But currently resizing it is only enabled past a certain size as you said as it will simply clip off the edges losing you some information. The Stereometer has a fixed aspect ratio of either 2:1 or 1:1 depending on the mode. 

I am curious what other modules you're looking for in here?

Hey! Unfortunately, I am not distributing a portable version at the moment. You are welcome to extract the installer yourself and use it that way, but your milage may vary. While I have not tried them myself I expect any of the many "Innosetup extractors" that show up when I google it should likely work.

Hey! Sorry you're running into issues. It should be fully compatible with Mojave. Are you using the MiniMetersServer Plug-In in your DAW to send audio into MiniMeters? Or another audio routing means?

Let me know if this page helps you as well.

Hey. Sorry you're running into this. Unfortunately, you're not alone. I am actively looking to fix this issue. However there may be a workaround that will fix this for you.

Please open your settings file and add the following line somewhere in the "window" section.

"display_scaling_enabled": false,

 If you need more help please reach out on the Discord. I will likely have this fixed in the next update.

Ahh sorry I misunderstood what you were asking. At the moment there is not an internal way to video record MiniMeters. I would like to get that added in the future. 

What I personally do is use the native screen capture on macOS with CMD-Shift-5 and then just add the audio later in an editor. But OBS captures desktop audio on macOS if you're using macOS Ventura or later which might be the most straightforward option.

Hey! You can use a number of ways to get audio into MiniMeters. Here is the help page for audio routing: Audio Routing: macOS

Hey! Thanks for reaching out. It's not "Recording" per se, but it is instead just using the new Screen Recording API to get the computer's audio in realtime. It will only use a small amount of memory and only while MiniMeters is running.

For the record I am not even setting up the video side of the recording just grabbing the audio. More info here

Alright thanks for the reply. Sorry you're running into this. If you could open MiniMeters, click CMD-D and get me a screenshot of the that screen it would help a a lot. I'm trying to figure out a way to replicate the issue here since none of my Macs are exhibiting this  behavior.

Also the 'Legacy' includes older versions that you can use in the meantime!

Hey herryfreer, 

I had a Mac user with AMD Graphics report an issue with the latest version. Particularly lag related to using pop out windows.  Does that line up with your experience? If so, I’m looking into a fix. 

If not, could you open MiniMeters, click CMD-D, and send a screenshot of the window that pops up? Thanks.

Hey! You need to open the in your  Applications folder. MiniMeters is standalone but connects to the plugin to route the audio. More Info here:

Hey this should be fixed as of 0.8.6. Please let me know if you have any issues with the new version.

Hey, sorry you're running into the issue. I just tried the discord link and it appears to still be working, but no worries.

I have had a couple macOS users run into this issue with the plugin. I am working on an update that will likely address the issues however you can test if it's working by opening the plugin in Ableton, opening your web browser, and navigating to http://localhost:8422/data. If it doesn't load any information then likely something is blocking the connection.

At the time of writing this message MiniMeters is still in "public beta" so it's not even at 1.0 yet (0.8.5). You will receive updates from now through 1.x.x. I do not have plans for a v2.0 at the moment so likely you will continue to receive updates indefinitely.

You can install this on as many of your computers as you'd like.

Hey! Thanks for picking it up. I am constantly working on lowering CPU and GPU usage MiniMeters. However, MiniMeters does have to send quite a bit of data the GPU new data every frame to keep up to date with the audio. So I can get a better idea of what you're experiencing what GPU are you currently using? What is your FPS limit in MiniMeters? and what GPU percentage are you seeing? Thanks!