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Hey! Thanks for the suggestions. Could you please elaborate what you mean by #2?

Unfortunately I cannot snap the Ableton window below or above MiniMeters. What I generally recommend is using Microsoft’s own PowerToys to set a custom snap region for Ableton.

Being able to set the crossovers for the RGB modes is going to be added in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

Hey! Sorry about this. You may be able to get the refund via this link.

That being said, I may add the ability to capture ASIO inputs in the future but depending on your setup that may not be sufficient. I believe the limitations with ASIO are that I cannot capture system or individual application audio when it is used with ASIO. ASIO connects directly from the application to the soundcard. I do include a VST plugin that routes the audio from your application to MiniMeters. That was added so it could be used with ASIO drivers. Is that not sufficient for your use case? I'd love to help make MiniMeters work more for your setup in the future.

Hey! Apple calls the audio permissions "Microphone Permissions" as that's probably more understandable to the average person. I am glad you got it working.  If you need more help or have any questions I'm usually faster to respond on Twitter or Discord!

Hey! Thanks for grabbing MiniMeters! 

By "scale" are you referring to adding markers for different dB levels? The Spectrum Analyzer already has frequency lines in the settings. I plan to add something like that to the Spectrogram in the future but I am currently in the process of rewriting that meter to be more detailed in the coming update 0.8.0 so I won't be adding frequency lines to that (or some alternative way of telling the frequency) until after that is in!

I am not opposed to VU although that does require a different algorithm so I have no ETA on when I would add that. K-Metering and RMS is a viable option. I will look into adding them but I do intend to keep MiniMeters minimal and limiting the number of options as feature creep is a concern of mine.

Hey! Could you please elaborate on where you're running into this issue?

There is no limit on the window size. I just tested here by setting the width to 7000+ px wide.

Hey Erik! Thanks for letting me know. The underrun meter is very much overactive in the current version (0.7.1). If you're not seeing visual glitches (waveform has gaps, or stereometer is flashing) then do not worry about it. I am changing the behavior in the next update (0.8.0) and this shouldn't show anymore.

I will pull out my 10.13 machine and test it today.

If you have a moment and could get me the error report I would really appreciate it:
When Ableton crashes it should show a crash report screen with a bunch of text (called a stacktrace). Either email it to, send it in the MiniMeters Discord, or upload it to a pastebin and link it here.

Oh thats not good! Could you tell me your system specs, Ableton version and if you are trying to load the VST3 or AU?

Thanks for the reply! I'll try to induce a crash with that setting. Although, I believe the crash occurs during enumeration of the audio devices rather than any attempts to use a particular device.

Yes! 0.7.2 will mostly be bug fixes and some tweaks but you can expect that in whatever follows that version!

That clues me into what was happening on my end. When you open the Preferences screen it rescans audio devices. I will see if I can make it safer so even if there was an issue it won't just crash. Thank you for following up!

Alright thank you. I will experiment and see if I can find the source of this issue! Sorry again you're experiencing this.

I am working on a new update but I will need to figure out why that would be happening to be able fix the issue. Could you also tell me what graphics card you are currently using? Thanks.

Hey! Sorry about that. I have tested the demo on Windows 10 and macOS 12.1 and am not seeing that issue. If possible, please share your system specs!

Also if you could try the steps mentioned here that would be fantastic:

Hey! If your audio is configured correctly it should not have any space above or below the waveform. Everything above 0dB should be cut off fully by the edge of the window.

Thanks for the suggestion! I've considered it and may implement it in the future, however expect the next few releases to be bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hey! That's a good suggestion. I have looked into adding something like this and maybe will in the future. This does add some complexity so in the meantime I would suggest AutoHotkey if you're on Windows and perhaps Hammerspoon on macOS. If you hop into the Discord server and ping me I can give you a AHK or Hammerspoon script to do what you need!

Hey! I don't have a True Peak meter in right now, but I will consider adding that in the future!

I think I helped you last night in the Discord, but if anyone else runs into this issue delete the settings file:

On the top left of the window there is a Quit button.

While I personally have no problem using it I don't want to force my users to download a separate client just to handle updates.


Perhaps I am approaching this problem incorrectly and if that is the case please let me know. On launch of my tool MiniMeters I check the API for the latest version number and if there is a new version I (optionally) send the user to my app's page. Some users have complained that it can be confusing to download the latest version. If they are not logged in there is no prompt for them to login. and even if they are logged in the "Download" button at the top of the page is not incredibly obvious.

I've recently started pointing the update to as it prompts a login. Would it be possible to somehow send them directly to the download page for my tool? I think that would be the most user friendly experience.


This was intentional as i did not want it to appear stretched or compressed, and I did not want it to get cut off at the edges. I am looking into solutions for this as to lead to a better experience.

I confirmed this is the case and will be corrected in the next update. Thank you for pointing this out!

Thank you Gammer! I’ve liked your music for years so that’s very cool to hear.

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Sorry you’re running into issues. You can feel free to report issues here in the comments, DM on Twitter, or on the Discord.