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Thanks! I went ahead and played and rated your game as well, really cool game. Lots of surprises and fun mechanics. 



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Oh that wasn’t supposed to happen, thanks for reporting that. I agree the respawn time is a bit too long, thanks for the feedback.


Very fun and hilarious game, a good amount of polish and easy to understand. 

Pretty fun! I liked the humor, it added a very nice touch and the gameplay felt pretty balanced.

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I really liked the art, it felt very atmospheric. Gameplay itself was also pretty fun and easy to get the hang of, good job. 

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. The music volume can be changed in the options page, but I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

Sure, no problem. I’m not at my pc atm but I’ll check it out when I can and let you know what I think.

Appreciate it!

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Thanks! I agree with the overly long respawn timer, in the future I’ll change that.

Thanks, did it start muted? I didn’t have much time to play test so I wasn’t aware of that, strange. Glad you enjoyed it.

Pretty good game, I liked the music and the graphics, but it felt a bit too easy for me.

Really good game, the graphics are nice and the gameplay feels fluid, however it gets repetitive after a while.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. Being able to control the player during the scene transitions was one of those small bugs I didn’t have time to fix, and I agree with how the controls feel a bit floaty. I wanted to try and fix that, but again, ran out of time. As for the respawn time, the delay is needed due to my poor optimization, since the game data needs to be loaded in, and isn’t the fastest. I’ll definitely take all this feedback into consideration for my next game.  

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Very fun and interesting game, the visuals really help tie the story together.

Good game, a bit too easy for my taste but still fun and interesting.

Interesting game, I like the concept. Very simple but fun.

Very simple but somehow works, good game.

That was really good, felt very polished and definitely could be turned into a full fledged game.

Good game, lots of fun!


Very fun, I like the simple art style, good game.

Fun game, needs lots more polish and feels unfinished, has potential though.