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I indeed never had a chance to get more than about 1500 points, but the important thing is I have so many pugs now. Very cute! And sweet music. If it didn't interfere with your lane-clearing implementation, it might be fun to have them fill in more behind the first line (and then start stacking?). For navigation (and confirming quickly that there really is no way to make it through a gap), it would help to increase the number of lanes or keep them closer together; as it was, with camera distortion it is tough to tell when you're about to side-swipe a horse when you thought you'd be jumping behind them. Not that that's much safer, in reality.

(On maximum easy mode) I got to talk to 69 people! It was really fun, rather challenging to a good degree; probably you don't want it to take as long as I did as a decent typist on easy, but I liked how many of the words I got to see. If only I could grow up to be kid-friendly, lucrative, easy-going, well-backlit, and humane.

The help/tutorial especially was great to introduce the special challenging characters. And those named/faced characters were a great way to keep the rhythm of the game engaging. And speaking of rhythm, I love the music track. Definitely turned down the sound effects so I could keep my volume up to enjoy it.

It looks like an interesting concept! I'm not sure if it's just a little too zoomed in or claustrophobic feeling with the mouse-movement OR if whatever error my computer threw about graphics drivers upon running this led to me not getting the right resolution. Some UI indication of clicking on blank spaces would help, since my first instinct was to click the arrows (once I made it back from my trip toward the top left). Unfortunately, the game crashes (sounds like one of the disks in my laptop is spinning for its life for a change, rather than just the fans, while the game's up) before I can do anything more than click the indicated upper right corner once, so I can't provide any real feedback on the placement or choices. But it is interactive, so well done!

I also wasn't able to talk to anyone, hear any audio, or take pictures, and my computer heated up very quickly at normal graphics quality and kept its fans running full speed until a bit after I closed the game. But your menu was cute and very functional, including the sensitivity setting that I did use with a quite painless escape>menu>settings path. I like the minimap (and medimap?) and the way it felt walking in the welcoming but shadowy woods with our lantern light. The ocean was also beautiful, with the sparkling light across the waves, and from under the surface with the cerulean glowing to green around our lantern as well.

Good job!

Thank you for taking the time to play and provide feedback! Yeah, the scale and resolution is high on our list of decisions to improve.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm excited to see how fun we can make it.

I'm very bad at this game but it's super pretty and the controls are smooth (like ice) so I don't even mind. The few parts that I did get to were making great use of the subtle-ish mechanic of losing your path boundaries in the process of picking up crystals--nice theme adherence!

I love this game! So simply and cutely designed, the concept of an anti-lamp is really well communicated. I relate to this guy on summer days when my eyes refuse to adjust to the outside.

And I do greatly appreciate that checkpoints made it into the game (though our poor shadow buddy died at my hands several times at the top of the stairs to make use of them). Very well done!

This is very cute! As someone without a controller (let alone two) it may just not have been calibrated for me, but I seemed to hit a jump ceiling that meant I couldn't reach the higher level even when my ghost friend's generated movement cooperated but I do love the mechanic idea and am impressed with the teamwork that went into this.

This was a lot of fun to play; very light humor. And other sources of light and darkness. The keyboard + mouse controls feel very natural (especially for a jam game) and the generous hitboxes meant it wasn't at all frustrating even when I wasn't doing well.

Learning to read music, playing with an instrument, and writing down what sounds good are the fastest ways I know.

If you don't have access to an actual instrument, the program Bosca Ceoil is fairly easy to use (especially for pieces with a lot of repetition), completely free, and translates your notes directly to sounds even while continuing to loop through the portion of music you're fine-tuning.

I also just downloaded MuseScore, and it's looking more user-friendly than I feared, but still much slower (without a MIDI keyboard), feels more limited in instrumentation, and requires more precision and music notation knowledge than Bosca Ceoil.

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Hey, y'all! I would love to hear what everyone's planning to use/using to make their songs.

I have little to no experience in songwriting or composing, so can't say for sure what methods I will use. But can list what I have access to.


  • Piano (out of tune)
  • Guitar (can be tuned)
  • Blue Yeti mic


  • Bosca Ceoil
  • Audacity
  • MuseScore