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Hello! That's so awesome to hear, thanks for your message :)!

Did you mean this project?

It will be 'inspired by' our first novel, Firefly, but still very, very different. We had a wild time recently and only really wanted to post good news, so it's been quiet yes. But to answer your question:

Yes, it's still in the works, I'm working hard on the script and it's going well! We'll post an update on that page I linked, on twitter, and maybe some other places once the script is done.


Hello! You can find our email in the banner/header at the top of our website here:

However, for translations of our VNs, I'm afraid I have to decline in advance since we don't translate any of our projects anymore. We're only with two people and work full-time next to this. We noticed with other projects that translations took up too much time which we would rather spend developing new visual novels or re-releasing our older projects. We barely find the time for that to begin with.

I'm very sorry, but thank you so much for considering this at all!

Thank you for the lovely comment! It was written more as a deconstruction of otome and playing with its common tropes :D

And yeah we were! It's so nice to hear you read Days of the Divine too! It's still on our list to re-release in the new enging and I'll upload it here once we finish that.


Ok we FINALLY managed to get a Mac version that -should- work haha, so I hope it works for you now.  :')

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I just finished it and had a great time reading this! I totally went for Andino's route : D he's a nice stoic but well-meaning right-hand man huh!

This was wonderfully written, I loved the style and it kept me interested. I felt bad for Marco, he had quite some shit to go through in his life, but the story-book/history moments were lovely to read about. Interesting choice of music too, I think it fit very well.

I think the strongest points were the characters: Fia was a crazy badass (my favourite character) but she and everyone else were interesting because it felt like they all had their own motivations and everyone was proactively working towards those. Like you could tell they weren't sweethearts but you wanted to learn more about them. I liked them so much I was kinda sad about the many deaths in Andino's ending XD!

Also really enjoyed the art-style btw! It just fit and everything matched well together, it created a great vibe and I loooved the colours.

Looking forward to your next project :D!

Thank you! Mac is very troublesome to develop for us unfortunately (we can't test it and there are some other problems with it). I will ask the engine's developer whether the mac version I have is actually something that might possibly work and get back to you about this :)

Wow Heiden, thanks so much for already playing it! Your entry is on my to-play-with-dev-friends this weekend too :D! I'll leave you a review when I get to it.

GOOD JOB getting it first try, that's really cool!
Hahaha, I was joking with Kiki to make this the itch thumbnail:

As for these characters, perhaps in a future project, but Under the Red Moon will only have returning characters from Path of Dreamers . We made these guys purely for nanoreno, although it is set within rules, magic and the world of our other projects :)

Thank you for the lovely comment!

There is no theme, the only requirement is that you have to make a visual novel from scratch to finish :)

There's more information here:


Yes, this story is a tragedy and has a sad ending. These characters will re-appear in a way in our new project (, work in progress!) but this story definitely ends sadly.

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These are, by far, the greatest comments we could have wished for haha XD! I'm sorry we made you cry, but I'm really happy you liked it! 

Under the Red Moon (new project) will have some characters from this story too *wiggles eyebrows while handing you a tissue*.


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Either way, thanks so much for letting me know! To help us find what's wrong and fix it, could you start the game as you previously tried on that windows 10 laptop and after that, email the file "nvlist.log" to me at You can find it in the "save" folder.

I'd really appreciate it! :)


Thank you, that is so nice to hear! We will definitely port some older games too, but it takes a while to test and convert them well. I'll put them on itch once we do :)


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It should work on Windows 10 as well (that's what I use), what happens when you double-click the jar or .exe?

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Back then I was wondering whether anyone had played/liked Binary Soul at all! I'm so touched. I'll work on re-releasing that project too then, since it will need an engine upgrade as well.

Thanks so much!