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I just finished it and had a great time reading this! I totally went for Andino's route : D he's a nice stoic but well-meaning right-hand man huh!

This was wonderfully written, I loved the style and it kept me interested. I felt bad for Marco, he had quite some shit to go through in his life, but the story-book/history moments were lovely to read about. Interesting choice of music too, I think it fit very well.

I think the strongest points were the characters: Fia was a crazy badass (my favourite character) but she and everyone else were interesting because it felt like they all had their own motivations and everyone was proactively working towards those. Like you could tell they weren't sweethearts but you wanted to learn more about them. I liked them so much I was kinda sad about the many deaths in Andino's ending XD!

Also really enjoyed the art-style btw! It just fit and everything matched well together, it created a great vibe and I loooved the colours.

Looking forward to your next project :D!


Ohh, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

Marco certainly had a hard life! I had a lot of fun(??) writing through his backstory and how a lot of his actions shaped the way the family was in the present. It was interesting to think about. 

I'm so happy the characters came through. I always strive to make them feel well-rounded, even if they're not very nice to the protagonist. 

Thank you so much for playing!