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Flamethrower might be a bit OP.

When I unpack your zip folder, I get the files, which means that I have to create a new folder to put those files in if I want to keep a tidy library of games.

So it's like having all your pictures out on the desktop and putting them in the folder which would be placed on the desktop, it's cleanlier that way.

A fun game. I found first person camera nicer.

Fast pace and variety of levels keeps the game fresh.

Played it a little bit (going to play more later).

I think you need to rework the tutorial.  Basic flight tutorial doesn't tell you how to use starlanes and stargates and how to dock on stations (it's somewhere in the advanced tutorial, which some may skip for later as they might assume it's supposed to be read later, after they get hang onto basics).
Or maybe I'm too impatient to read all the text and that's why I ended up going through starlane on highengine or bashing against station trying to go through entrance (which is not marked much at all), but maybe some button prompt and/or pop-up text would be useful, so the player could learn the basics on fly instead of pausing the game every moment.

 I understand it's probably just a test, but voice-acting is irritating as hell and sounds like it tries to me comedy-ish. Normal text would be better already.

You can instantly start going back despite having forward thrust AND THEN start going forward at same speed you had before instantly.

1. Dazed effect from Thunderbolt card causes the game to crash when it's enemy's turn, no matter if enemy is dead or alive

2. You can still move while in equipment/stats/ect.  window, you might want to fix that

3. While using Concentration, you can get the very same card back from graveyard and you gain one additional card while using that card on top of that. Mix with Dreamy card and you will get insane amount of surge, not to mention all the free cards

4.Last fight is bugged, nothing happens

5.You should put the files in the folder

6.It seem there is no way to quit the game besides Alt+F4

7.Not really sure if Star Chart works properly

8.Cute character