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Hey Joe! Just finished the sheet! I love this game so much... Keep up the great work! Three things I forgot to mention on the form;  The sound when you land back on the floor get pretty annoying after it repeats so many times,  so maybe make it quieter or change the sound, and also, when you hold the jump button, it looks like he "charges" his jump. This should make him jump higher, and I think that would be a cool mechanic to have! Finally, whenever I die the screen just goes to black. IDK if i'm doing something wrong or what, but if I am you may need to make it clearer whats happening, as it seems like a glitch... Other than those! I love it! Keep up the good work!

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Hey, I'm a good gamer, and have been gaming for a long time. I know what makes a good game, and have made some of my own. I love testing games and trying to see if I can break them! I'll give you a review, and give you plenty of feedback of glitches, issues, fun/boring/uninterested parts of the games. Whatever you need! Thanks!

Discord: ryan123rudder#8261

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Hey, I'm not super experienced, but have enough knowledge to work on a game and finish it. I program in C# with unity 3D and 2D, and have dabbled in both GameMaker and Unreal, but much prefer Unity.  I would love to be a part of a real team! If you still have room, I would love to help! Oh and in the interest of being transparent, I would like to say that I'm 13, but please don't let my age scare you off. I assure you I am able to program (if a bit messily) and am a well rounded person. I love doing this, and would be so glad if you still need the help!

A great game to help reinforce the basic principals of math in children. With this fun, retro style arcade game, you can protect a planet from falling meteors by solving the math equations on them! If you have/are a young child, check my game out here!