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Nice job! For a demo, I think you already managed to balance the game very well: the feeling of (almost) always being able to barely save a character is great.

I found "Narrator" inside a wall in the mill, but couldn't interact. Is it an easter egg?

Loved the game, hoping for Part II. It gave me SMT Nocturne vibes.

Nice ostinato, I enjoyed it, though a little rhythm variation could give the flute more room to breathe

Hi Monsters & Co., I agree, the strings after the intro come a bit too hard, I now realize I should have had them fade in more softly. As for the ending, the finale is always the most time consuming part for me and since I had almost no more time after the weekend I decided to fade it out and focus on improving the rest of the composition as a whole.

I also definitely agree with Bison Warlock, I need to improve (more like learn) mixing, if any other composer has tips about it, please write a comment!

It's good if a bit repetitive. The brass that plays the melody in the second part is a bit inconsistent in volume and velocity.

Apart from the short main motif the composition lacks direction.

From 2:00 circa it starts to fall a bit apart, otherwise it's good for what you had to work with. My tip is: try to think about the meaning behind every single note of the melody. If you eliminate all the unnecessary notes, you'll naturally have to make up for it by expressing all the remaining ones at their best, creating something that has real emotional impact.

This composition is fine, but it's a bit mechanical, thus it couldn't really convey to me the sense of mystery it tried to achieve.

The harp's velocity is also off, some keys almost can't be heard (or they are covered by the piano), others are a bit too loud.

Great track, in my ears it went from Ghibli to a mix of Metal Gear (from circa 2:00) and Final Fantasy.

The strings are very realistic, do you have any tips about that? I can't get my (Logic) strings to sound as I want. Should I just get a dedicated string vst or are there key settings I can tweak?