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The Steam version is up to date, fortunately! Thank you so much!!

If you're curious about the characters, I've made an animated YouTube Shorts series (out of boredom more than anything else) with the characters. I have bigger plans in the future, but I've got a lot of projects I'm working on concurrently, so they'll likely all come out at once lol

I stared at your comment for a while trying to figure out what XMAS meant because I assumed it was an acronym lol

Thank you!

Man this looks dope. I remember playing with these kinds of puzzles as a kid. I'm not very good at them lol

Ok, that's a cool idea lol. Thanks!

Thank you so much!! Now all I've got left to do is butcher the execution and we'll all be good 😎 lol

I'm in mGBA, I'm just getting a black screen. Is there anything I can do to fix that?

Pew pew

I found the YouTube for this video a week ago and remember thinking it was the coolest thing on the planet. It's unreal to see it next to my project as a part of this game jam. This is so cool, dude!!!

If you got the dreaded Invalid UTF-8 character issue, I fixed it and I'm sorry!

So, Butano comes with lots of amazing libraries in order to help speed up development time. Because it's open source, I've made my own tweaks to the library to enable it to better work with my project, and I've statically linked (dumped all the files in my directory) them to make it easier to build remotely. Here's the thing. It seems like some of my tweaks in bn_utf8_character.h got borked when I tried to make my latest build, which broke the dialogue engine.

Good news is, it's fixed! I've reuploaded the binary. If you're having the issue, just re-download the file and you're all good to go. Did you just redownload the file and you're still having issues? Well... er.. be sure to leave a comment, I'll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks guys!!

You were right. What happened was that I had made some engine tweaks to Butano itself, and for some reason, when I made my latest build, it seems to have undone those changes. I went back in and fixed it, and it's working now! I've uploaded the latest working build. Fingers crossed, I've only done a little bit of testing so far.

What emulator are you using? I haven't gotten this error yet, I'm going to try and replicate it so that I can fix it before the deadline.