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Tremblay Island

Three Tremblays start a country on an island, what could go wrong? · By Cinemint

Steam update?

A topic by Hiroshi Mishima created Aug 09, 2023 Views: 65 Replies: 1
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I was getting ready to restart this via Steam when I noticed a discussion comment asking about 1.0 and was curious if the Steam version was not up to date. In the meantime, threw a couple dollars since I've been enjoying it. Wish I could give you more, but I did go and pick up the paperback off Amazon! Can't wait to read it.

EDIT: Do you plan to return to these characters at some point?


The Steam version is up to date, fortunately! Thank you so much!!

If you're curious about the characters, I've made an animated YouTube Shorts series (out of boredom more than anything else) with the characters. I have bigger plans in the future, but I've got a lot of projects I'm working on concurrently, so they'll likely all come out at once lol