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I enjoyed the different areas with their different sounds and the experience of looking for crystals. Charming!

Such a lovely experience, thank you!

Fun take on Frogger. The orb sounds are very nice.

Fun text idea, and I liked the banners. The adaptive music was well done, but I would have enjoyed having it change a lot more for a game of that length. Perhaps you can expand it?

I really liked this and enjoyed the sounds too. I agree with Khao about having time with the sounds. It might be an idea to have the letterblocks hover at the top and you have to type them to make them fall. That way they would repeat for several cycles and you could choose how to mix short and long sounds in the same scape. You would be choosing the timing not just of letters but also between blocks. Perhaps there could be a penalty if you get a backlog at top (like muting sounds that are falling). Very cool.

Run, run as fast as you can. This was quite the experience, thank you. I feel like it could be put to good effect in a scene in a stoner movie, which is a compliment.

 This was definitely the entry which altered the sample the most imo. I got major sci-fi dystopian vibes, and some muted animal-like sounds (?) reminded me of the animal situation in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

 The build up to contrast was nice when the rhythm and harmonies started, and I really liked what you did with chord progressions at 1:28. It was a very broad exploration of all the sample had to offer!

 I really like the bass on this and especially at 0:30-36 and the figure at 0:42. There were moments when I might have liked it slightly faster, but I thought the chill dungeon skeletons were a good idea.

What I loved most about this entry was the little ornamentations (3-4:00) and what I would call the bleeding (9-10:00) of one part into the next where the musical satisfaction at the end of one phrase turns into the exploration of the next phrase. It was such a great setup to launch into the song, and it just made me happy to listen to your song. Maybe polish the end a little, but the song’s got great energy.

The rhyme connects without constraining. The images are so clean that I forget I’m reading. Your symmetry awakens a deadly sympathy, and I’m left floundering.

Good point. When a man returns like that, the people he returns to might ask themself if safety ever existed. How can we fight to win something we lose by fighting?

That is an original portrayal of loving your enemy. And a great way to use a reader’s assumptions to make a point!

My favorite elements of this were the evaporation and the last moments. Somehow starting with the city evaporating and ending with the world evaporating is a really good use of repetition. You have the same thing, but suddenly scaled up massively. It feels like nuclear holocaust to me. Because of the mention of last moments, I feel I urgently need to understand the situation, even though it seems hopeless. I am a bit confused about the relationship between the behemoth and the mountains and sky, probably because it is a lot for 30 words. I think it is cool if they represent earth/heaven - life/afterlife, but I can’t quite tell if they are threatening the protagonist or aiding him. What is the nature of the struggle? I think it would be a good way to start a story!

So true and recognizable. Very nicely expressed!

Dude, this is pretty philosophical. I was feeling down the night I read it, and then I thought, I’ll just go to sleep and let the world turn. When I woke up, I was somehow in a better place. Can’t do that all the time, but it’s a good option sometimes.

Is the image like World 101 (a class for dealing with the world)?

What a beautiful rhyme! It sounds a bit like 1800’s-style children’s stories and makes me smile.

Defeat is an interesting concept. This brought to mind the black knight of Monty Python with “‘tis but a scratch”. I know in their case it’s meant to be humorous, but to defeat someone, that person needs to recognize defeat and also be willing to fight. Someone who won’t play along with defeat can be a frustrating opponent.

The text simplicity was very effective. The image is gorgeous imo but feels like it might belong to a different story you have to tell.

This opens interesting questions about what we fight for, and it made me look at where I draw the lines between forgiveness, revenge and self preservation. I think revenge is the attempt to inflict on someone the pain that has been inflicted on you. Forgiveness is about wiping the slate clean. Self preservation and honor is about rebuilding. When I build, I like to look carefully at my materials. What materials would I take into a battle to rebuild myself? What would I strike down? I feel like I can touch the blood drops on your image 8-0, and I think the increasing word sizes make an impact (and yet also feel a bit vengeful).

I like the circular dilemma and the puzzle metaphor!

Hey, what a great idea for a game and creative use of the jam theme. I'm glad I did not forget to come back and play this. I especially like the look of the game and the sound captures the confusion.

I am realizing I accidentally left off the proviso from the last jam "Use only text, no art, no audio." Let me check on our server how people feel about that.

I am doing a mini-jam. Would love it if you had time to join.

I am looking forward to reading the process documents, but I haven't yet because I wanted to see what I got just from the story. Cool idea!

Thanks for the insightful feedback! It's very motivating. For some reason I have to constantly remind myself to show instead of tell, so it's good you mentioned it too.

Starting a story with “putrid scent” is extremely powerful imo. I really enjoyed your rich word choices. I like how bringing the demons through the castle is the maze. My favorite part is teleporting the books and dropping them to lead the demon where you want him. I got a pleasantly creepy feeling when it ended darkly!

Oppressive atmosphere! I like how the bones are both the environment and part of the game play and mechanics. I’m curious if the octopus tentacles come into play later in the game? It could also be interesting to have the bones interfere with access to the pressure plates later on so that they are also a liability, not just an asset. The image fits the atmosphere really well too.

 The image already draws me forward into the tale. So impressive that you wrote almost all of it in rhyme! Tolkien incorporates poetry so well into his stories, and I like to see how narrative can be wound into rhyme. Rhyme can be a tricky way of adding connection and meaning to stories.

I found it eloquent of you to use both witch and fae to work the rhyme scheme. I’m curious about what final decision the player will make and what effect that will have. I start to imagine a narrative in which it would be beneficial to stay at the grave of your queen, and that is an intriguing idea.

 It’s cool how even though this takes place in a multiverse and there are shield generators and shield overriders, human behavior is still the same. I can relate to Sam hiding stuff too carefully and not remembering where it is. I also like the two versions (Robin/Owlin) roasting each other. I always wonder if there were two versions of myself, would they help each other or be mortal enemies? Nice to have an exploration of the multiverse concept!

Spelling is not my forte, but I think the typo mentioned is: two dice (no s). One die is the singular.

I like the humor in this. The player is so spunky. They are just going home but get into this deadly mess and turn it into their favorite childhood game. Also funny that the thug promised no shooting and pulled out a knife. It was inventive of you to use two dice and numbers as something that had to be found to defeat the boss. Sometimes you just have to survive long enough. Good adventure and an iconic image!

Nice summer story, I wish I had ever seen a mall that had a store that interesting! I found shooting at the paws an interesting idea, as was burning the spider.

I went for realism - death sucks ;)

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Fun game with attractive art and falling apart logic! I especially liked that it was multi-directional. The more graceful high jump physics felt better than the low jump. Also, I somehow fell and got trapped inside the ground on stage 2, is that intentional?! Funny :) And thanks for making a linux version!

Thanks, Maxi, that means a lot!

Yes, I am sorry. It is not very playable. Time was an issue.

Unexpected ending!!

And boom, just like that, the hero of chrono’s next game became a coffeepot.