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Lovely funk. At first I was like, amazing jazz but not so spooky, but I was wrong! The musical saw/theremin (?) actually felt like a ghost scatting jazz, and the xylophone runs were smooth and spooky. The laugh really tied the jazz to a haunted feeling at the right moment. Love how you developed spooky out of a piece I’d be glad to hear any time.

I feel you could really expand this into a rich soundscape for a game. You have so much to go on, you could probably create a great game plot from what you already have in sound!

I feel you could really expand this into a rich soundscape for a game. You have so much to go on, you could probably create a great game plot from what you already have in sound!

This should be played in a nuclear bunker at the end of time for a rave. Would be a good vibe to go out on.

Very atmospheric! I kept looking behind me to see if some of the sounds were something going on in another room...

The  offbeat rhythms paired with the sleek spareness of the melody made this song super catchy for me.

A trance-inducing dance if there ever was one!

Feeling the game groove on this - good job!

Sheer musical terror. Bravo!!

Sheer musical terror. Bravo!!

Very nice execution and cool that you went above and beyond! I like the images and text and think you are well on your way to some game music here!

Ah, I thought I recognized the Musescore voices - I used Musescore this time too :) At any rate it was a plus to see your sheet music!

I like how you use both the turntable sound and silence as instruments. Very effective spookiness!

Great dark power vibe and love the evil voice :) Xylophone is used to great effect

I always love your stuff. Awesome beginning with the harpsichord!

Really liked your serpentine melody on the xylophone and feel cello was a good choice for the bass line! Carving back is a subtle horror vibe :)

Totally want to dance here! I think you nailed the strength of the xylophone with the repeated mallet strokes which give a smooth ripple effect. The inclusion of brass gives it some big band overtones which really adds to the party feeling. There is so much going on here with some subtle string wailing and sophisticated rhythmic play, but the overall effect is a great sense of movement. The duet between the musical saw (?) and the xylophone was a very spooky interlude before the final dive into bone jive. Thanks!

I love sound effects but often struggle to incorporate them into a piece. This song is a prime example of how to use different types of sounds to their full musical potential, gg! I also feel dissonance is used very powerfully here to create persistent unease and dread. The whole thing feels like it’s housed in the arpeggios of an old spook-house organ, which lends it a traditional haunted vibe. Very creative!

Interesting! I know nothing of Japanese or Egyptian scales but would be very interested to explore them now!

Great use of piano. The interaction between the treble of the piano and the xylophone really rocked this song. The toms gave some great offbeat support too. The sustained notes of the voices were good contrast to the speed, but I am always distracted by electronic choir sound, so you might look for a different sound there at some point. Very fun to listen to!

What I really liked about this was the creative weaving of instrumentation and styles.  After a smooth, silky beginning, a creepy cackle signaled the plunge into a caldron of flavors from a rank bass to the brittle fumes of the xylophone. Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… very tasty!

I really like this. The strong rhythmic pattern carried the feel of the cattle drive through to the end and gave the piece a lot of movement. The cattle itself, or whatever it was that was swept along in the drive, felt like tormented old spirits flitting here and there, sometimes visible, sometimes stampeding with the herd. I got wisps of old Batman nemeses and Scooby Doo Haunted House Ghosts as they thundered by. The echoey fade at the end perfectly captured the wake.

Haha - I also wish the whole song were more like that :) Thanks for listening!

Haha that's ok. We anticipated that reaction. All asses are welcome here. Feel free to chat with some other asses on

Three hours well spent!

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Hey this is good fun and a simple yet tricky way to play on the fifth element! I like how it develops through the levels :)

Gotta say I love the vibe. The mix of robot and dog-headed Tartars is a great visual, and I think the art is very nice starting from the title screen and through the game. The color contrast is just right for a mix of futuristic and gritty visceral destruction. I wish I didn't die so fast, but I'm sure that could be adjusted. I'm sorry the rest of the server didn't come through with games to round out the jam, but you made a great showing. May a horde of tartars defend you in all your future endeavors :)

Hi, I was unable to run this.  Would you be able to fix the issue?

Once I got my coyote vibe on, this was quite fun. The aesthetic is simple but with a classy quirk. You did a good and understandable job of introducing us to new challenges as the game proceeds. I am really looking forward to your next jam entry in

Yeah, that makes sense since I initially forgot the text and put it in later. I was going for a neon moon color that matched part of one of the lanterns, but the lantern got obscured anyway. And then maybe I got a little obsessed with warping the text. It might be a lesson about how just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should. Thanks for taking the time to give me in-depth perspective!

Your waveform is a very elegant way to get the song across. If I had a band, I'd love to have this be my tshirt design. Actually, now I want it on a tshirt.

I really like how you establish an outside perspective through the presence of a recording. There is no mania in the sense of energy, but there is an element of crazy in that the perspective almost forces an eerie disconnect with reality, as if we are seeing the scene through someone's mind. The clouds and pinkish hue all lend to that impressionistic style. In addition to that, it's quite beautiful in a dreamy, foreboding way.

I like the arcade idea too, but I like the yellow. I feel it gives sort of a twilight zone /cursed arcade game vibe. Feels like I'm being sucked into a retro world through the screen.

The runner is an icon for dynamism. The lines are powerful and well balanced. Good contrast with the light and dark of the background too.

The framing of a car window is a cool idea, and the rear view mirror a nice creative touch. The juxtaposition of car and space give it a kind of mania, and I think the glow of the moon looks very good.

Really enjoying the drawing and the powerful colors. It feels very organic and immediate.

I wanna play this!

The opening chords set up a sense of anticipation. The notes flew like sparks drifting from embers. Just like a fire, the piece started small, swelled, and rose and dispersed. The directions the notes took felt like currents of fire and air. Shortly before the end, a log broke with a crack and shower of sparks. Imo this would work for both existential reflection and partying.

It sounded like you were roasting the caramelized marsh-supermellow for a chocolatini. Glampin’ indeed – fancy!